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Alien Dip 2005 Winter Results

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  • Alien Dip 2005 Winter Results

    MISTAKE ON MAP: Victor built F Tun, not a F Nap

    Spring orders due tuesday

    Midshipman disbands
    Disband F Apu
    Disband A Pod
    Dsiband retreating unit

    A Nav Disban
    Ret to Por

    WarVoid builds
    army london

    Victor G. builds
    F Tun

    SnowFire builds
    A Ist
    F Izm
    F Ale

    Chaz disbands
    retreating unit

    "As you begin your journey into the land of markets, it would be understandable if you are somewhat anxious. But take heart. The fact is that we envy you, the beginning student, as you set out to explore the exciting world of economics for the first time. This is a trill that, alas, you can experience only once in a lifetime. So, as you embark, we wish you bon voyage!"
    Boshko's Econ Text

    "It is easy to train an economist; teach a parrot to say 'Demand' and 'Supply'"
    Thomas Carlyle
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