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ADCT Game B SPring 1908 Results

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  • ADCT Game B SPring 1908 Results

    Spring 1908

    Austria (Gibster)
    A Ven > Rom
    A Tri > Ven
    A Vie > Tyr
    A Boh > Mun (*bounce*)
    A Pru S Ber
    A Nwy H
    A Stp S Nwy
    A Mos > War
    A Con > Bul
    F Bla > Con
    A Bud > Tri
    (and the rest hold)

    England (Iain Lindley)
    F NTH-Nwy (*bounce*) 2:2
    F Swe S F NTH-Nwy
    F BAL-Ber (*bounce*) 2:2
    F Kie S F BAL-Ber
    A Hol S F Kie
    A Pic-Bur
    A Bel S A Pic-Bur
    F MAO S F Gas
    F Gas S F MAO

    Italy (Gerwald)
    F POR supports Italian A SPA
    A SPA supports Italian A MAR - GAS
    A MAR - GAS (*bounce*) 2:2
    A MUN supports Italian A BER (*cut*)
    A BER supports Italian A MUN
    F LYO supports Italian F TYN - WMe
    F TYN - WMe
    F TUN - NAf

    A Par H

    Map is at

    Even though Gibster has assured victory next turn, we should play it anyway to get official SC totals for the scores to see if the second place person might advance.

    Edit: Whew, that was no ordinary Spring, that was a SPring! Good thing it wasn't a SPRing. And the URL for the map is changed slightly.
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    Thanks for the support Gibby! BTW the map will not load properly.


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      Yeah, well, it should't be TOO difficult to figure out the correct URL when the UBB nmessed up and gave the link as[/URL

      Don't click on that, it won't work. The thing up there is fixed.
      All syllogisms have three parts.
      Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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        A Par > Bre
        A Par > Bre
        A Par > Bre

        Come on, it's in France's best interests to move there!


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          Is this some kind of personal vendetta Gibsie?


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            Simmer down, Ian, simmer down. You shouldn't talk, P3T3R personally handed you half of France through his complicated NMR strategy.


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              Yeah, that's a good point... And I still couldn't get hold of Paris... Actually, looking at the map, I don't think ordering A Par-Bre would make the slightest difference anyway...


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                How about, A PAR supports Italian solo? No? Oh well, good game guys!