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Tour Dip C Fall 1908 Results

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  • Tour Dip C Fall 1908 Results

    Builds/disbands due Monday

    England (made up by SnowFire) (2 disbands)
    F Edi->Nth (move fails, unit dislodged, retreats to Cly)
    A Lon->Yor
    F Eng->Lon

    Germany (Defiant) (1 build)
    1.F-Nth > Edi
    2.F-Nwg S F-Nth > Edi
    3.F-Den > Nth
    4.A-Liv S A-War
    5.A-Mos S A-War
    6.A-War S A-Mos
    7.A-Sil > Pru
    8.A-Mun > Sil
    9.A-Ruhr > Mun
    10.A-Bel > Ruhr
    11.F-Hol > Bel

    Italy (Talon) (0 builds)
    F Tun H

    France (Chaz) (1 build)
    1) F-Irish>Lvp
    2) A-Bre HOLDS
    3) A-Par>Pic
    4) A-Mar>Pie
    5) A-Spa HOLDS

    Austria (berzerker) (1 build)
    A Con > H
    F Aeg > Bul (sc)
    A Sev > S Ukr
    A Arm > S Sev
    A Ank > H
    A Bud > Rum
    A Ukr > S Gal
    A Gal > S Ukr
    A Boh > S Gal
    A Tyr > S Boh
    A Rom > Ven
    F Ion > Nap
    F Adr > Ion

    Russia (Victor G.) (1 disband Russia dies)
    F Bla-Ank (move fails)

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    Russian EOG:

    I had a decent plan to start off with, make peace with Germany, take Scandinavia, but mostly focus on Austria and Turkey. My opening had Turkey convinced that I was going for Austria... which was all part of the plan. Turkey's downfall came swiftly and expectedly. Unfortunately, Austria seemed to think that my giving of Bul to him of my own free will was not enough, and he stabbed me then With the German stab I was on my way out.

    Perhaps the ultimate piece of dipping I pulled off in this game was convincing England that Germany convinced me to capture Nor from England, in order to throw both of us into a pointless war, while he took out both... perhaps, this was true to an extent. In any case, the turn after taking Nor, I supported England to Den (and for one breif period, everything worked out... then it came crashing down).

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    -Joan Robinson