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Nostalgia Diplomacy Winter 2005 Results

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  • Nostalgia Diplomacy Winter 2005 Results

    Spring 2006 orders due Wednesday 10:30 EST

    Just did an SC count and realized that the UK now equals the Turk's11 SCs while Egypt and Russia aren't that far behind with 8 apiece. Due to the spirited Italian resistance to the Turks and here having been no Turkish stab on Russia while the Ruskies were vulnerable, the position of leader is now up for grabs. Should be an interesting next year or three.

    Poland disbands:
    A Lat
    A Pod

    Russia retreats to
    and builds
    A Gor

    Spain builds
    A Mad

    UK builds
    A Edi
    A Liv
    A Lon

    Italy retreats to

    Egypt builds
    F Ale
    A Cai

    Germany disbands
    A Kra
    A Gda
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    Stop Quoting Ben

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    never mind
    oh god how did this get here I am not good with livejournal


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      3/9 orders in, so far so good
      Stop Quoting Ben


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        The collapse of Germany is not a welcome development
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