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GDNES3 - The war of the worlds - Thread #2

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    Originally posted by Specialist290
    To: NucMaster
    From: Specialist

    (Oh brother. )

    Specialist you need to take a chill pill, take a joke and learn what most of 'Poly posts are. Note the at the end of the post. Seriously you need to calm down


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      hehe, seems as if I had come back just right to watch the Chinese Empire go down...

      Heinrich, King of Germany, Duke of Saxony in Cyclotron's amazing Holy Roman Empire NES
      Let me eat your yummy brain! :D
      "be like Micha!" - Cyclotron


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        U.S. to CDA:
        Are you going to help us stop these terrorist who would kill inocent people, I wold like an aswer.

        U.S to Russiasecret)
        Most our troops in mares were helping to defend your terr. as you ask last, we did not know you no longer needed them to do that they will be put to action right away.


        Use armies on Mars to help russia in there offensives
        Put ground based defences against space fleet attacks on ground near moon base (1 year)
        Encourage people to move to the moon base
        Join the Civ4 SPDG and save the world one library at a time.
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          To: USA
          From: Russia

          We need your troops because we have a bit of cleaning up to do. As leader of the CDA we will respond for it. After the mars war we will help you.