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Nostalgia Diplomacy Fall 2005 Results

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  • Nostalgia Diplomacy Fall 2005 Results

    Retreats due ASAP, builds due Sunday 10:30 EST.

    France (SnowFire) (0 builds)
    F Nav-Bor (move fails)
    A Auv-Par
    A Lyo S A Auv-Par
    A Auv-Par
    A Mar H
    A Swi S A Mar

    Egypt (GePap) (2 builds)
    A Alg->Tun
    A Lib support A Alg-> Tun
    F Ion-> Adr
    F Lbs->Ion
    F Nap H
    F Mal support F Nap H.

    Italy (Imran) (1 build if the retreating unit retreats OTB, 0 builds otherwise)
    F (Adr) - Ser (move fails, unit dislodged, can retreat to Apu or OTB)
    F (Cro) S F(Adr) - Ser (support cut)
    A (Ven) S F(Cro)
    A (Slo) - Hun
    A (Aus) S A(Slo) - Hun
    F (Rom) - Nap (move fails)
    F (Tys) S F (Rom) - Nap

    Spain (Frozzy) (1 build if the retreating unit retreats OTB, 0 builds otherwise)
    A Mad - Sve
    A Par - Bor (move fails, unit dislodged can retreat Bri, Als, or OTB)
    F Por - Nav (move fails)
    A And - Gib
    F SoG - Mor
    A Tun H (unit dislodged and destroyed)
    F GoL - Bar
    F Mon - Mar (move fails)

    Poland (Amon) (2 disband)
    LIT S Gda-WAR
    LAT-BIE (move fails)
    POD-KIE (move fails)

    Turkey (Vlad) (0 builds)
    TA Rum-->Hun (move fails)
    TA Ser S TA Rum-->Hun (support cut)
    TA Bul-->Rum (move fails)
    TF Ode S TA Bul-->Rum
    TA Ist-->Bul (move fails)
    TF WBS-->Ist (move fails)
    TF Alb S EF Ion-->Adr
    TA Hun-->Cro (move fails, unit dislodged and destroyed)
    TA Bos S TA Hun-->Cro
    TF Sev H
    TF Gre H
    TA Ada H

    Russia (chegizt guevera) (1 build if unit retreats to Pru, 2 builds if it

    retreats OTB not that it really matters since only one buildsite is open)
    F ARC - BRN
    A STP - LIT (invalid order, probably meant LAT but it wouldn't move anyway if it

    was ordered to lat)
    A BIE H
    A WAR H (unit dislodged, can retreat to Pru or OTB)
    A CRP - KIE (move fails)
    F ROS H

    Germany (Orange) (2 disbands)
    F Bal - Swe (move fails)
    A Ruhr - Ham (move fails)
    A Sax - Fra
    A Pru - Gda
    A Sil - Ber (move fails)
    A Kra - Sil (move fails)
    F Bel - Pic

    UK (*EndIsForever*) (3 builds)
    F ENG-Bel
    F NTH S F ENG-Bel
    F Hol S F ENG-Bel
    F Ham-Ber (move fails)
    F BHM-Swe (move fails)
    F Mur H
    Stop Quoting Ben

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    forgot to attach map, do'h!
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    Stop Quoting Ben


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      The UK is doing all it can to catch Turkey as #1, and it has done nicely this turn. BUt it's ally Poland is on the verge of annahilation.... and then?
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        A Par retrats OTB


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          Builds've come in really quick, just need Russian and Spanish builds and Polish disbands

          and all of them are real no-brainers
          Stop Quoting Ben