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New Zealand Diplomacy Map

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  • New Zealand Diplomacy Map

    Here's a diplomacy map with New Zealand as the setting.

    It's my first map, so it will be crap and full of errors, so please point them out and help me improve it
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    Blue and Green are at a disadvantage as one will only get a build the first turn. Whetre as Orange is too powrful with the chance at two neutrals in 1901.

    Myabe you need to split the provinces up more or change SC locations. have a look at the Australian variant at or post this on in the Variant section for more feedback.
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      What's more important than having relatively even number of SCs for everyone is to give the different powers more options.

      As it stands green has very little choice but to fight purple and red has very little choice but to fight orange. So as things stand, purple and orange are by far the weakest powers. If anything, I would say that blue and green are the most powerful two countries.
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        New Map w/ names
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          Hmmmm, more sea zones which is probably a good thing considering that things would get seriously backlogged with the number there were on the first map.

          Kind of a mechanical balance set up with each power having one gimmie nuetral supply center (except orange and possibly the pinks and the greens depending on where armies and fleets start).

          The balance looks improved in the north, with it now quite possible for the Reds to move against either the blues and the oranges.

          You've got to weaken the people in the corners though, since right now they have all the advantages of people in the center (same number of SCs) while they have the advantages of having their backs to the wall. Under the current map it'd take real idiocy for Red and Far South not to clean up. Basically weaken Red (unless they only have 2 home SCs currently and I'm not missing something) and rework the south a bit.

          Right now you have to make a Pink/Chirstchurch alliance vs Far South alliance tenable as well as make it more likely for the Pinks to head north.

          And DAMN is Cook Straight a strategic province in this map.

          (apologizies to any confusion resulting from my colorblindness)
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