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  • DeathByTheSword
    yes you do....until the website is up this is where everything happens

    groeten uit Assen

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  • BigFurryMonster
    My coding abilities are not too good. However, I have a lot of experience in making professional business models. The theories, techniques and concepts used in this should partly be similar to that of a strategy game. I understand correctly that this Forum is you 'base of operations' until the website is opened?

    Groeten uit Voorburg

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  • DeathByTheSword
    well rasbelin isnt online so i will answer your question. the only real code that has been written is a mapeditor.....for the rest you have to ask vultur (if i am correct) what to do if you can code. for the rest some graphics are on the way....and the website will be launched somewhere next week on an message will be posted on this forum when it is done.....we will have a forum there too. and it will be our main base of operations. for the rest we are still brainstorming.....and coding is on the bring of starting....and hoi van nog een nederlander

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  • BigFurryMonster
    Uhm... yes. If I am not using to much of your time, that is. Do you have a website or something, or is the entire project carried out on this Forum? I would certainly like to see some of the work you have done. Non-graphics work, I mean. My skills are in the field of game design and modelling in-game relationships, so you can image I'm rather curious.

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  • Rasbelin
    1. The official status is pre-alpha, but practically we are just about to start the coding process, while the planning is of course continuing and the other tasks are also slowly progressing.

    2. The Stella Polaris Development Team (SPDT) is the official development team which works with the project. The team is lead by me and the project by Blake (however I'm doing both because of his absense). Here's the current list of people in the team and what they're doing.


    Project Manager: Blake
    SPDT Manager, Community and PR Manager: Rasbelin

    Code writing

    Coding Manager: Blake
    Senior Code Writer: Vultur
    Code Writer: alien
    Code Writer: carbaher
    Code Writer: Chaos Theory
    Code Writer: gowyn
    Code Writer: Joeno
    Code Writer: Kurilka
    Code Writer: vovansim


    Graphics Manager: targon

    Cinematic workshop

    Director: Pandemoniak

    Documentation and in-game texts

    Editor: Rasbelin
    Senior Author: gateway103
    Author: DeathByTheSword
    Author: Disparat
    Author: Joeno
    Author: Mark123jansen

    Bug testing

    Bug Testing Manager: Keygen

    Internet administration

    Hostmaster: buster
    Webmaster: Closey
    Webmaster: Disparat
    Webmaster: Keygen


    Helpmate: Erix
    Helpmate: Jeremy Buloch
    Helpmate: Michiel
    Helpmate: Sjoerd

    You may notice some familiar persons among us, as well as a few Dutchies.

    3. It's both single player and multiplayer (LAN, Internet, hotseat, PBEM).

    4. You can look at the open positions listed on SourceForge (right now only graphics artists are actively being recruited), but you can tell freely why you'd like to join, what you would like to work with, any special skills and knowledge, and if you can work quite regularly with the project (this doesn't yet mean it's prequisite, but as it has been proven, we need to know much people can actually work with the project).

    5. Err... that's a good question. Basically everything of course still open, but as you may see, we are trying to make some final basic decisions regarding the game in several polls (anyone can freely vote) and you may find quite much information in earlier threads in this forum.

    Anything else I may help with?

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  • BigFurryMonster
    That helps! Thanks! Some Q's I have:
    • How far is the game in its development process?
    • Who is working on it? How is the developing group organized?
    • Is it Single Player or Multi Player?
    • How can I join in the development?
    • Which game elements have been decided upon?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Rasbelin
    Well, here's a brief descriptive writing by J.B. Hopefully it helps a little bit. And do ask any questions you might have.

    Stella Polaris (StP) is a turn-based strategy game that is based on a variety of games such as Alpha Centauri, Civilization, Master of Orion, as well as various other games. But mostly the game is based on brand new ideas and concepts. Made with the programming language of C++, it is developed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is therefore open source. An advantage of GPL is that it makes this game completely free. It will be divided in sub-programs for example, if a download is too large, the user will be able to download the movies and/or any other thing separately. Another bonus being that the user is able to decide whether or not he/she desires to install the movies at all. It is made the users prerogative. Formerly, this game was known as FreeAC. However, the project members decided on a newer, more unique name. It became Stella Polaris. The game takes place in the future where humanity is making way to begin a new life because of a catastrophe that is about to happen. Humanity is going to colonize a new world because Earth is doomed for destruction. This riveting game gives new meaning to the phrase “survival of the fittest.” You, the user, control one faction among several. As you discover new resources and new domains you will find rivals of every sort. Anything from people like you and I to beings that are different than anything you or anyone else has ever encountered. The factions will be divided by ideology. There will be various ways to acquire victory. There are diplomatic victories, economic victories, technological victories, as well as victories made by conquering rival factions. You will be able to discover a wide variety of technologies that will help you pave the road to victory for your faction. Are you are brave enough?

    “Jeremy Buloch”

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  • BigFurryMonster
    started a topic New to this? Click here!

    New to this? Click here!

    As I am also new, I hope someone will explain to me and other newbies what kind of project this is.

    It is clear to me that a group of people is designing a space game - but what are the characteristics of the project ..?