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Open community letter, 4th issue

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  • Open community letter, 4th issue

    Hi all fanatic and sporadic StP fans!

    This is the 4th and for now on the final issue of the occasional letters to the community of StP enthusiasts. The reason is that we are taking one step further in the development process of Stella Polaris. The new website, along with the Stella Polaris Forums (the new bulletin boards for the project).

    During the past month there has been some progress, but in general it has been dominated by the Christmas season, plus some lack of visible activity compared to the fall season. The good news is that behind the scenes the work around the website has been swift now and I hope that in the very nearby future, the date for the official opening of the Stella Polaris website and Stella Polaris Forums can be announced. Also under planning is the opening party, but more about it as I can confirm it. Right now I'm asking for patience and hope that you won't pester me or Ben with inquiries when it's ready. My assumption is that it's only a matter of days, not weeks now.

    One news that won't shock you as it has never been announced until now, is that a planned "Stella Polaris chatter with BHG" chat event was been cancelled for some unknown reason as the arrangements seem to have failed and the issue has most likely been dismissed for now by BHG, despite it looked very promising. I'm still hoping to hear again from them. Hopefully we'll get that opportunity some other time then.

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    Who/what is BHG?


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      Big Huge Games (if i am correct) they are working on rise of nations and they guy that worked on Smac but left works there too
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        BHG is Big Huge Games (, the game studio found by Brian Reynolds and several of his mates. They're currently working on Rise of Nations, which is also seen here on Apolyton.
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          And why is it exactly they wanted to chat with us in the first place? I mean, I can see why we would like to chat with them, but what was the reason for them to do this, if its not a secret.
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            The idea was to get AI and game playing model related ideas and hints from them and in general get to know what professional game designers think about the project. However Tim already said "great stuff" in my initial chat with him. I'm not sure why he was interested, but I assume out of general interest towards our neat project.
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              Well that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
              BTW isn't Blake a Proffessional?
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