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    Wow thanks Vovan!
    You explained it very well and your right we should put this AI away till its needed. I think we should start making the model of the game as we were doing on the FreeAc site. While we are discussing the science involved we can make the model. Diplomatic, Militaristic, Economic, Unit movement, menus, etc. Then once we've drawn out the outline we can code it and then after like you said a couple of versions are completed we can then create the AI. We have a long process ahead of us, its going to be a tricky one too. But we will manage, we will triumph, we will do the best!
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      About the AI, I'd like to add that I by no means don't think that AI with moods is necessarily a bad thing... it's a design choice that has to be made at some point (probably after the basic pathfinding and such are done, which means not in a while...). Either you strive for a strategist AI, or for a personalized AI. I think that adding personality after the whole thing is done is difficult, or making personalized AI have good strategies. The two things conradict each other somewhat. I guess this can be mitigated by making the AI generally easy to tweak...