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    Lemmy's settings
    which are?

    i've asked for suggestions on new settings, didnt get any.....
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      Look at the previous message by Lemmy in this thread. There are the settings he proposed that are different from the Poly BNT #1 game.
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        "to a certain extense"
        Let's look at sourceforge StP page: zero CVS activity!. Hence, there are no adds, no commits, no development at all. And you think StP developers have enough time to play competitor's games on our own site?!
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          Yes, there's no CVS activity, but we need to agree about some basic issues before the coding can get started as several coders have pointed out too. Without a clear path, there's not much you can do. As for "no development", I would like to reverse that and say "we are developing" as that's true. Take your unit models as example or the many on-going discussions. And we do have time to play something else too as no one's past time is only about this game and project. Not my at least.
          "Kids, don't listen to uncle Solver unless you want your parents to spank you." - Solver


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            The Targon and Rasbelin Issue, etc:
            The game has been slow untill a little while ago when the designs started comming out, the unit designs, the content designs, and the GUI designs. This shows that we are getting Development work done.
            Now about the Sourceforge... I agree it should be updated example: My job is not Helpmate anymore its "GUI Developer" So if you could please change it that would lessen confusion.
            Now as for the Game I agree we should have it. I wont be extracted away from my work but I cant say that for anyone else. It would provide a moral boost and give our team something to do while Ex: Waiting for replies, Bored, Thinking. I can play a game while thinking about SPDT so therefore I agree to the game.

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