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  • Sorry again.

    Sorry I had to start a new thread but the other one had been locked. I have not received any email and I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm receiving other mail including the ones from Apolyton telling me when a person has replied to my thread, but no email from Rasbelin . Perhaps you can post here what the contents of the message were or you can try sending me another email. Or a private message. Whichever you want. Sorry for the trouble.

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    The reason for the delay is that I have been switching my e-mail accounts, so your response is delayed. You will get it on Sunday as I have fixed all the StP e-mail related issues and sent the message to all new owners. So be patient. I have read your message, so I need to puzzle together a more detailed plan related to the work you applied for. That means the response is delayed also because of that, but I would say I already know the solution.

    Thanks for the patience!

    Public case closed.
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