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Would like to volunteer.

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  • Would like to volunteer.

    Hi, I tried emailing Rasbelin a couple days ago but have yet to receive a response. I thought asking here might illicit a faster response.

    Well, I was just wondering if you guys needed any help with your website. I tried visiting (I think that was the url) but there's nothing there. I also saw there were positions for webmaster so thought I could volunteer to do a layout/design or something for you. I'm proficient with HTML and CSS and if you need some examples of my work I would happily post them here.

    I'm also a fairly good writer so if you needed assistance with backstory or something along those lines I wouldn't mind helping out with that as well. I've never done any technical or instruction-manual type writing but I could always try. Anyway, thanks and I hope I can get a response.

    Benjamin Smith

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    Please check your e-mail.
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