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Colony Ship Specifications

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  • Colony Ship Specifications

    Here is part of a discussion from the FreeAC website until it went offline...

    Colony Ship Specifications.

    9) Medical Bay
    10) Primary Life-support reactor
    11) Secondary Life-support reactor
    12) Command Center (bridge)
    13) Engineering Bay
    14) Colony Pod's (for dropping a mini city on the planet for each colony)
    15) Science Bay (For research and for gathering info. of space and/or other scientific things)
    16) Robotics ( Where the Robots of the ship do mantinence and stuff while the Humans are sleeping. )
    17) Primary Computer Core
    18) Secondary Computer Core
    19) Genetic properties of known species of Earth
    20) Cryo chamber or "The Freeze Quarters" ( For puting those Humans to sleep at last. )
    21) Docking Bay (For docking space ships)
    21) Repair Bay
    22) Rover Bay (Vehicle bay)
    23) Primary Power Reactor Bay
    24) Secondary Power Reactor Bay
    25) Fuel Bay (Fuel propellant - Fossil Fuels and/or other fuels for the engines)
    26) Engine Bay
    27) Robotic Control ( Computer control for Robots )

    These are some of specifics that could be part of the Colony Ship. I know it is long but it is very detailed.
    More might be up soon. Yet I think this is enough information.
    Naval Imperia Designer

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    I dont know if this have been talked about but is this only information for the graphics and stories or will the ship be active during the game?
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      No the Ship will only be in the beggining story but the Humans would talk about the Specifications so we should have some to talk about.
      Naval Imperia Designer