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The Quantum Model of gameplay (Up for discussion!!!)

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    TBS is really for nothing more than a show of spectacular pyrotechnics.

    I believe Baldurs Gate has one of the best TBS battle systems I have ever seen. When you are pplaying it doesn't feel like TBS but more like RTS, but, you can always pause, to cast spells, or pull a potion out of your crowded bag etc.....

    However, I believe pausing is actually a little against the spirit of Total Annihilation, (A game I play alot in MP still), and you would get lynched if you tried to constantly pause a RTS game.

    But this aint gonna be TA...... who needs another RTS anyway? I want something new........
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      Think of others RPG like Baldur's Gate : Fallout has a TBS combat mode which is quite more impressive, strategic and funny than Diablo's...
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