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can I create impassable terrain?

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  • can I create impassable terrain?

    Hey guys - first time post - I've been playing Civ II again (gold edition) and I want to design a scenario that uses a map of Philip Jose Farmer's "Riverworld"- Think a canyon a mile or two wide, with sheer cliffs impassable to foot travel, and a river running down it. Now picture this canyon and river running around the world from pole to pole. Get the idea? I need impassable terrain - and I've tried editing the rules.txt, but it seems like the AI can still traverse it.

    I'll use ocean for the river, so I can build boats, but I'm at a bit of a loss for info on keeping all ground troops in the canyon. (air will be allowed - they can build blimps) -

    Any suggestions?


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    Get Test of Time.
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      Not without using available "terrain" slots.
      Now... Trees, mountains, hills AND >coastal squares< onto which no ground and sea units can cross.
      Another "tricky" way could be the making of an extra unit -invisible-, not allowed to move, with defensive factor high enough to sustain any attack (BUT, that's theory, only!)
      Heard, also, that such an impassable terrain has been designed into TOT. Since i don't own that version, i wouldn't be able to indicate how it was done.


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        You could use TOT but to could also take a regular terrain like "Tundra" and draw it to what ever you want it to look like. The put it's required movement to like 99 and then very few units will be able to go over it. Just place the new turdra tile where you want the no movement to be. The only downside is that you loose the regular tundra as a terrain type. That's why I always use Tundra.

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          Have a look to the scn "Athel Loren":

          It has an impassable terrain i think you can find interesting

          c u


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            ok - really stupid followup - I have ToT, but couldn't find a map/scenario editor with that one. I understand it has impassable terrain, but I'm not sure how to implement it.

            I also tried making a type impassable (my mountains) by increasing their movement to 99 in the rules.txt file, but every unit gets at least one square, no matter the cost, so it doesn't help.

            Anywhere I can go for Test of Time editors/map editors that let me use the impassable terrain?

            One other interesting point - I'm not sure if I'm leaving the research paths the same or not. The premise of Riverworld is that everyone ever born gets reborn/created on this experimental world. You wonder how you would do research when the knowledge is already there. (Just not the materials) - Should be fun if I can do it.



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              ruebarb, there is no built in editor. Use your Windows Explorer and find the Rules text file in your scenario folder. If there isn't one, then copy one from the ToT 'original' folder. Open it and find the terrain fields (after the units field). The last variable for each type of terrain is a yes for impasssible terrain or no if not.

              Then go to the units advanced field farther down. Look for the G column. You can override the impassible flag for each type of unit. It's the 5th flag from the RIGHT. A 1 allows that unit to traverse impassible terrain, a 0 does not. Air units can pass freely over impassible terrain.

              It's really not too difficult. You can check out the design tips available on the Scenario League site. William Keenan and Cam have done some excellent work on ToT tips. (link at the bottom of this page) Hope this helps.
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                Here is an example of using impassable terrain from one of my Secanrios :

                From the 3-D Scenario rules.txt

                I don't want any units to be able to "travel" underground unless there are tunnels

                so :

                Cont. Shelf,8,2, 0,0,0, no, 0, 0, 5, For, 0, 4, 1, no, yes, ; Drt
                Mudstone, 8,2, 0,0,0, no, 0, 0, 1, For, 0, 4, 1, no, yes, ; Pln
                Clay, 8,2, 0,0,0, no, 0, 0, 2, For, 0, 3, 1, no, yes, ; Grs
                Tunnel, 1,2, 0,0,0, yes, 1, 8, 2, Hil, 0, 2, 2, no, no, ; For

                But the "Tunneling Unit must be able to build the tunnels in the first place (by mining the relevant impassable tile) so in the @UNITS_ADVANCED section it has :

                11111111, 00001100, 0, 0000000100000000,0000000100000000,0000000000000000 , 00110000 ;Tunneling Unit

                It is the fifth byte from the right that sets the impassable terrain override.

                Hope that helps.