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  • The full final version is now ready to download in the 1st post, or on CDG.

    The saga continues with a new ToT thread, see you there!


    • Attempting to d/l the Sounds yields the "You have tried to link to an image on our site" warning and no zip file.

      fixed now! Thanks, Markos!
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      • May I upload the Scenario to the Spanish Site, Curt?
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        The Spanish Civilization Site
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        • How are things going with this Curt?
          Have you managed to iron out all the problems you were having with the AI?
          I'm very tempted to download and play this, but at the moment both files are too big to fit on the rubbishy floppies I use to transport stuff between work and home so I'll have to wait until I get one of those fancy USB stick thingummies, but am still interested in this scenario. It sounds right up my street.
          (That is, exploration and building cities are important, and it isn't a WWII battle - )


          • @Duke:

            As far as I know, the AI now acts normally,
            it was some dodgy terrain and some other map factors that caused the problem.

            So, please feel free to give it a try!

            And watch out for the extended version on ToT!
            Coming as soon as it is complete!