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Odd-even cities?

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  • Odd-even cities?

    Is there an easy utility (not a hex editor!) to change city locations on the map (especially to odd-even grid references)?

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    [City Coordinates are] Within the map sections. If you change only the coordinates in the city table, the city graphic is displayed in the old position. There are 3 different map sections and you would have to chase down all the references. I don't think they are coordianates as such, but in the map there is an implied coordinate that says to display city graphics and names. I have not decoded this to any useful extent.
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      Ok if I have to use the hex editor, is there some tutorial to go about doing this?


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        A tutorial, however brief, would be very much appreciated by others, too.

        DV, if you find out off-forum, can you post any info? Also, if you see AI behavior that is influenced by these cities.
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