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    Alright ladies and gentlemen, I was going to just release Herbstnebel today, but I've decided to give it over to playtesting first

    So here's what I want: Three to four dedicated playtesters.

    What you'll need: Civ2:MGE version 1.3
    What I'm looking for: The ideal playtester would have experience playtesting before or in scenario creation, and have working knowledge of the Battle of the Bulge. Being a good civ2 player is a plus but not required
    What you'll be doing: Giving me feedback about my next scenario, Herbstnebel, which is about the Battle of the Bugle from the German perspective.

    Leave your email address, a brief description of your qualifications and why you want to playtest my next scenario. Remember, I'm looking for candidates who will give me feedback and who are not just looking to simply play the scenario.

    I'd like to have the completed roster of playtesters by tomorrow (Sunday 2/9) evening.

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    At your service, my liege.

    I know Civ2 scenario making wise, I have just never finished a project to a standard I consider worthy of release. I'm not a bad player, but not exactly great either. As for WW2/Battle of the Bulge, whilst not obsessed to the extent of some of the posters here () I know quite a bit about it and am interested in it a lot. Of course, I will provide feedback.

    e-mail -
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      reporting for duty, sir!

      if you like, send me your game -

      i would like to test it


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        Ok I'll have it ready sometime around 8:30 EST tonight.


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          If you still need a playtester, I´ll be glad to do so.
          I don´t have much experience in scenario making, but I have playtestet some scens, mostly WWII ones, and supplied events texts and stuff.

          I also have pretty good knowledge of the battle of the bulge, so I´d be more than happy to report back to you anything I find.


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            mordhiem, jim... I'm not hearing a lot of activity... problems?


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              I am in.

              Qualifications: Ardent student of military history, specializing in WWII and ancient wars, created a few scenarios that i lost to hard drive malfuction a year ago, currently creating a scenario on Roman empire, see info on omonymous thread.

              Problems:free time up to twelve days from now. Then University studies begin and will only have my PC available on fridays and weekends.

              P.S i have also finished all close combat games, and captured Berlin on the third time i played Red front.

              Hope i qualify.

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                mordhiem, jim... I'm not hearing a lot of activity... problems?
                Uh-Oh! Tell me you have other playtesters.
                El Aurens v2 Beta!


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                  Do you still seeking betaplayers?

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                  Greetz, Ramses


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                    Urf lot of mee!


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                      your senesless mouth is not sensemaking today ottok


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                        To my playtesters: I've probably received your email. You will not receive an acknowledgement until sometime later this week because I'm rediculously busy with schoolwork until like Saturday.


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                          mordhiem and jim seem to be my only delinquent playtesters

                          At least I have four others that are providing feedback


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                            Edit: your senesless mouth is not sensemaking today ottok

                            Oh, crap, I forgot that I was supposed to threaten you for the unedited version of that comment. I'm a bad, bad, bad mod.
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                              I'm so fast I leave flames where I walk.