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    Everybody can find out what tanks and IFVs and so forth are used by different countries, but what about infantry weapons? What infantry anti-tank weapons and handheld SAMs are/were made use of by the US and Europe? Also, what did the Soviets have?

    Any help would be much appreciated - I need this info for my Red Storm Rising scenario. Thanks!
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    For the Red Storm Rising period, the two main APC's I would go for (this is off the top of my head, so I may be wrong), are the M113 and the BMP-2.
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      Dragon - A medium range, wire guided antitank missile that is fired by and infantryman. It has a thermal sight, a range of about 1000 meters, and will penetrate all but the heaviest armor.

      LAW - Light Antitank Weapon: A 66mm rocket in a fiberglass tube, this one-shot, throwaway weapon weighs about five pounds. It has a short range and limited penetrating power, but it gives the individual soldier a powerful one-time "punch" against lightly armored vehicels, bunkers, or buildings.

      Carl Gustav - A man-portable antitank weapon, this Sweedish-designed weapon is used by many countries. It is lighter and cheaper than an antitank missile, but has shorter range and less hitting power. It can be used to attack targets other than tanks and still packs a respectable punch. In the 1982 Argentine invasion of South Georgia, British troops nearly sank a frigate with two hits from the weapon.

      RPG - Rocket Propelled Greneade: Russian designation for a series of simple antitank weapons. The most common is the RPG-7, which is a shoulder fired weapon with a short range.

      TOW - Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided missile - A large, long-range antitank missile that first saw service in Vietnam and was a spectacular success. Since then it has been improved ans is now the standard US heavy antitank weapon. It has a range of 3,750 meters.

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        Thanks, both of you. I have both APCs, Paul, and the info on antitank weapons should be very useful.
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          Go to the ROW Land Warfare section. They have everything you could ever want.