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  • To MP or not to MP...

    ...THAT, my friends, is the question!

    My secret project which I have been working on for some time now, Attack on Afghanistan, is nearing completion.

    All I have left to do is finalise some unit designs, types and to set the city sizes, improvements and place units on the map. Everything else is done!

    One nagging factor remains - Should I make this scenario for MGE, or should I make it for FW?

    It's designed to be played from any side, even the pathetic Northern Alliance. So it would, hypothetically, make an excellent PBEM.

    So somebody tell me which one to go with so I can finish the bloody scen already.

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    MP for sure

    BTW WV, is this why you dropped the ban on scenarios covering the results of the Sept. 11 attacks?
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      Actually, I dropped the ban before I started this.

      I started this project after playing JValdez's Fight for Freedom scenario. It was fun, but hardly accurate and hardly detailed.

      This scenario features a detailed map, lengthly events file, good playability and everything else you'd expect from a quality scenario.


      In case you're interested, the civs are Iraq, Northern Alliance, Taliban, Iran, Americans and Allies, Pakistan and the Arab League.
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