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Disabling Spy functions

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  • Disabling Spy functions

    Is it possible to disable some of the actions that spys can take? I'd like to modify my spys so that they can investigate cities and conduct industrial sabotage, but not be able to bribe cities or poison their water supplies.

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    Go into the Game.txt and delete the lines for the spy actions you want removed. I'm not sure whether or not you need to leave a blank space.

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      You must leave those lines blank, as far as I know.

      But that will only prevent human player's spies to bribe and poison cities. The AI will still be able to do it.
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        Fiera has hit it. No matter what funktion you disable in the textfiles by leaving there a blank line the AI will always be able to still do it even if you delete the entire content of the file.

        However, it is possible to disable nearly all functions for the human player that are in the game.txt
        You could even give the human player spies that cannot do anything at all.

        You could also allow a greater varerity of choices at some places in the game.txt like for exampla the level of barbarian activity.
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