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    I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but does any one know where I could find the Microprose scenarios that came with CiC, FW and MGE for download? I have never seen/played them and think that they would be interesting.

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    If by "interesting" you mean "easy" and "inaccurate", you are correct.

    As for finding them, I dunno. They are deleted on my installation and I don't know if the expansions will install on XP (they wouldn't on ME; I had to burn the directory onto a CD on my old 98SE computer).
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      They installed fine for me, and i'm running XP....


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        Ah yes, the hooks that grabbed me . . .

        Those scenarios . . .

        Some are better than others.

        The ancient scenarios, IMO, were better than the rest. The Alexander, Crusades, Rome, and Jihad scenarios were enjoyable.

        The Dinosaurs scen was strange and novel.

        I owned and enjoyed MOM and MOO, so the Civ2 adaptations of those were just . . . lame.

        The Mongol scenario was good, but much more difficult to win than it seemed at first.

        WW79--nukes are a pain.

        WWI; a very enjoyable scenario, but not much of a challenge. Hence all the WWI scenarios produced since then.

        Alien, Apocalypse, Ice Planet, Mars, X-com; played 'em all at least once. Don't much care for sci-fi scenarios, but they are colorful.

        Civil War, Napoleon, and Indendence; nice little scenarios, but not nearly enough detail to really hold one's attention for more than a couple of games.

        Midgard; I enjoyed this one quite a few times, but could never manage to win it. I still try it from time to time.

        New World; The native Americans without Columbus. A unique idea, but again, not nearly enough detail to keep it interesting.

        Discover; a complete flop. I wonder if this one was ever playtested. I sure don't think so. It's the reason there are so many "Age of Discovery" scenarios out there.

        Samurai; a cute little scenario. Enjoyable, but not much to it.

        World of Jules Verne; Now THIS ONE is one that really got me. Out of all the FW and CiC scenarios, this is the one that I enjoyed the most. SO much fun to play.

        Good luck finding them. I think there are some on ACS' scenario downloads section, but not sure.
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          I'm in a similar position to you Mercator, having gotten FW and MGE from patches and lacking all of Microprose's scenarios. However, I have managed to acquire a few, and some of them are definetely worth playing .