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Two new unfinished scenarios available

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  • Two new unfinished scenarios available

    I might lose my access to my computer tomorrow, maybe for a long time so i will release two scenarios im currently making unfinished . It isnt sure that i cant finish them but theres always that possibility.

    First is Cold War scenario. It havent been tested and doesnt have events yet but other parts are ready.

    Another one is scenario about Winter War. You can call it ready but i think it still needs final touches. Also texts appering throught events arent done. Theres also some problems with AI.

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    Unfortunately I can´t download it...may be Geocities fault?

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      I think that link is messed up. Is it the same as the Kylmosota scenario?

      What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what its all about?

      Contact me at


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        scratch that
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          Damn...geocities have messed up. Those files are there but looks like that geocities doensnt let you just straight go to those files...looks like i have to update html and add links there... . I have had same problem with fortunecity...

          But you can get those files also by using some another than IE/Netscape to download Getright. I use it and it works fine...but for you guys who dont have it i will add those links there...

          Jcarkey, no it isnt same as Kylmäsota...its one of my first scenarios and quality is shocking .


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            Cool! Here are other Finns also!!! That's VERY rare!
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              Ok now my internet connection works again. I tried to update that html so you guys could get those files but my ftp-program didnt work .

              Well it doesnt really matter anymore because now i can finish those scenarios. Theyre both almost ready but still have to work with them little more...

              I made events to Cold War scenario and from other parts too its almost ready. In Winter War scenario i still have to fix those annyoing problems with AI .

              Kas vai on Mech Assasinkin suomesta . Joo eihän täällä liiemmin suomalaisia näy...mitä nyt muutama .