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how to modify the city information panel?

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  • how to modify the city information panel?

    i made my own city.gif and i want to get rid of the colored band (food, trade and corruption, tax science luxe, and production)
    i didn't find any pic in the gifs that could solve my prob
    i want to replace the bands colors by the transparency color so i could see the gfx i made in my to do this, or where in the dll or files could i replace with an hexeditor?
    i used gifxtractor but i didnt find the colored bands so i think they are set by the exe file

    is it also possible, when hacking the files, to modify the width and height of the green food storage panel (or do someone know how to set the green border color as transparency color)?

    i hope someone will help me
    i need these clarifications in order to complete my new scenario

    Webmaster of Civgames

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    Im not sure about this, but it seems that the "colored bands" are hardcoded in the game, and so I believe there is no way to change these things.


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      The city.gif file will only work if it is in the main Civ2 directory. It won`t work if it is in a scenario directory.
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        ok thx BeBro....but do someone had this idea before? and did solve it? even if it's in the exe files?

        and yes for the city.gif i know it must be in the civ directory, not in the scenario...'s sad....

        i was planning to make a nice gfx for one of my civ2 scen
        it's about the Fallout universe (interplay)
        Webmaster of Civgames