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  • Weird Technology Problem

    I'm currently putting together a post-nuclear holocaust modpack, and I've run into a very weird problem. I went to test my adjusted tech tree (which isn't finished yet, I just wanted to make sure what I've done so far wasn't going to crash) by starting a new game. No problem, except that the human player doen't get to do research. The "Which technology should we pursue" menu never appears.

    I've messed around with the cheat menu a bit to try and figure out what's going on and found that

    a) The computer controlled civs can research
    b) If you change the human player, then change back, you can research
    c) If you give the human player a technology, the menu pops up and everything proceeds as normal.

    Can anyone give me any idea as to what's going on???


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    This happens to me when there are no initial technologies to research (nil, nil). Alternatively if your nation has no cities it can't start generating trade.
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      To be a bit more precise: it happens when the computer finds nothing that it can research. This usually in practice means that your tech tree is wrong.
      Adding Future Technologies in the tech tree solves the problem.


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        The "nil nil" thing was the thing I checked. I've got plenty of them. And as far as I can tell future technology is integrated into the tech tree properly.

        Any further ideas?
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          Can you post your rules.txt here?


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            Well maybe it was some kind of transient fault, or maybe I was just being extremely dense (probably the later), because it's suddenly started working.

            Thanks for everyone's help. I'll post details to the forum when I get the thing finished.