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  • New Civ2 Site!

    Hi all Civers!
    Please visit JGV's Civ2 Site, the newest contribution to Civ2 community.
    The URL is
    You'll find some of my own high-quality units there. Please let me know how you like them, and tell me also about the general overlook of the site. It's just in test status, but I promise to post new stuff very soon. Hope you all like it!
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    Those units sure do look good! I'm waiting to see what becomes out of your page...

    Mathias' Civ II Page
    The Lost Geologist Blog


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      Love the Battering Ram!
      Be the bid!


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        I like the Sixteenth Century guys, I've seen WAY too many bad mods of the default Explorer unit...
        "Wait a minute..this isn''t FAUX dive, it's just a DIVE!"
        "...Mangy dog staggering about, looking vainly for a place to die."
        "sauna stories? There are no 'sauna stories'.. I mean.. sauna is sauna. You do by the laws of sauna." -P.


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          Thanks for your comments, guys! It's good to see you like my units, I spent many hours painting them.
          About my small site, I need to finish a scenario which I'm working in before I can make a major update of the page.
          I'm writing a new post explaining my problems with scenarios building.


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            Right, I've done a major update to my site!

            I've posted new units and three new sections (scenarios, misc and links). My first scenario, "Pizarro" is regretably not ready for download, as I need some help with weird things happening when Pizarro plunders Inca cities, but you can see a nice screenshot in advance.

            I'd also like to say thanks to everybody who's visitted my site 'til today (over 90 people)

            Come on, take a look. Here's my adress again:


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              Using your method of creating units is like hand-crafting tiny paintings. Due to the limitations of small number of pixels and few available colors, it is very challenging to create anything that doesn't look like a small cartoon. Despite these constraints, your units are *excellent*!

              I encourage you to have a go at city graphics - most Civ2 artists concentrate only on units. Please keep up the fine work!
              Official Homepage of the HiRes Graphics Patch for Civ2


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                Your replacement for the CITY.GIF looks very good!


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                  Thanks a lot, Bernd!

                  It makes me very happy seeing good civ artists like my work (I've also seen your site, and it looks very cool).


                  I also apprecuate very much your comments. That makes all my efforts worthy!

                  BTW, I've made a little update to my site. I've posted some Spanish units with comments about them. I know most of civers like military history, so some of you could find it interesting...

                  I'm not very sure about the spelling of the texts. I need help from an native English speaker, so if you find any spelling errors, please let me know!
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