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    My own Editing Career was cut tragically short before I'd finished my third total conversion by an unfortunate hard-disk crash, Wiping all the files for "The future of Africa" and two other unfinished scenarios (Of which one was just in the planning stages, admittedly...). Since then I never really got around to editing again. However, there are many scenarios I made that I wish I had actually finished. Do you have any Mods you would have liked to have finished, but due to unexpected circumstances or some small technical problem never got around to doing?

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    Imperialism in the 19th Century.
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      Not that I have any technical reason for not finishing it, but for lack of time and to some extent 'drive', I never 'completed' my Medieval Italian scenario. I use the term advisedly - as it's really game structure notes rather than half finished graphic or text files.

      One factor that contributed to the delay was the pending arrival of 'Test of Time', although now it's available, my interest has locked onto another unrelated theme. Also, given that I had no great familiarity with the era and history, there was a lot of fairly heavy study to be undertaken. I suspect one really good book on the intended theme is far more preferable than trying to drag together a scenario from a dozen texts, none of which offers particularly clear direction and the core information is buried in reams of pretty inconsequential blurb.


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        French-German War in 1905/1911 due to the Morocco crisis (never happened, sthg like WW1 taking place a couple of years before).

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          I have several...

          I started a Dungeon Keeper mod before realising that it was impossible to make impenetrable stone so that only imps (settlers) could "dig" through it. I was considering letting units pass through stone one-step-at-a-time and making the tunnels roads before dropping the idea.

          A mod which I actually nearly worked out, but which was severely hampered by the lack of a counter system in the Macro Language, was Civ2 Football (soccer). A multiplayer-only scenario in which the point was to "score goals" (destroy the "goal" unit) While avoiding defenders and the pesky computer-controlled "refree" unit. Random events would include Supporters rushing onto the field, injuries and red cards (ie. the Refree killing a player, who would then be promptly replaced by another) I even had changing rooms, and a match lasting from 300 PM to 430 PM (with the appropriate "jump" in time to mark the hour...)

          There was just one problem... How do you count the number of goals scored? I had a ludicrous system with a "scoreboard" and units representing the numbers. A text message would pop up saying "and the final score is..." with the numbers displayed beneath. Not a good system, I know...

          And then my HD crashed.


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            World War 2 - The Low Countries. I did loads of research, got well under way.

            Then I accidently formatted my HD.
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