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  • SubWar info and help

    I just updated the SubWar (I hope for a release within the next two months) preview at

    The preview has now three new screenshots and the intro text of the scn.
    But IŽm unsure about the translation, perhaps some of the English experts here can tell me if it sounds acceptable, or where mistakes are...Thanks

    The scn plays in the Pacific region, in the near future, and the player leads an international task force against several large coporations who established their own "realms" in the ocean. HereŽs the intro:

    Commander, the situation in the Pacific becomes more and more dangerous. Especially Australia and New Zea Land suffering from heavy earth quakes and flood waves. Scientists believe that they are related to the heavy pollution of the area caused by the continued economical exploitation of the deep sea. But the corporations deny any responsibility and refer to their licenses for deep sea activities.

    SubForce control missions in the area are constantly limited by security forces of the corporations, the Pacific region is in fact completely without any international control. Our demands to reduce the security forces have been refused because of "terrorist activities" in the area.

    Sir, your Task Force has the permission to do everything necessary to enforce international sea laws in the region. Good luck!

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    English Expert?

    while i am most definitely not an english expert, it is my native language so, earthquakes is one word, New Zealand is spelled like that tidal waves is more commonly used than flood waves. othewise it sounds pretty good. are you going to have playtesters? if you do let me volunteer! my email's i'd appreciate the english version though as i don't speak but a few words of German.


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      SubWar Intro Suggestion

      Sounds like a great topic!

      Here's a suggestion:

      Commander, the situation in the Pacific becomes ever more grave. The southern Pacific Rim, especially Australia and New Zealand, have been devastated by earthquakes and tsunamis. There is a growing scientific consensus linking these disasters to ecological degradation associated with deep sea mining. In a press release, the Association of Oceanic Mining Corporations (AOMC) dispute this association and note their compliance with international regulations.

      SubForce patrol missions in this theater have been frequently harrassed by private security forces of AOMC members, leaving the Pacific region without any effective international monitoring. The aggressive AOMC patrol activity has been justified as a "necessary anti-terrorist policy".

      Sir, your Task Force orders are clear: enforce international sea law in the Pacific. Rules of engagement: weapons free. Good luck!

      btw Apolyton is really dragging at the moment. I gave up previewing this post after waiting 2'. First problems I've had in a while.
      El Aurens v2 Beta!


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        that's pretty good Boco, i'd use that intro


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          Thanks a lot for your help, guys! I received also other great translations via mail (thanks Mathias ) so now i can choose between several versions

          IŽll finsih the German version first in the next weeks, and implement the English translation if all runs fine, so IŽll post then for one or two testers for the English version