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Help needed from the tech tree experts

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  • Help needed from the tech tree experts

    A tech tree problem has arisen where I can't get the AI to research techs in a sequence which correponds to the AI modifiers and values.
    eg The tribes are all set as agressive, expansionist and militaristic and the techs have the values and modifiers set to:
    Chemical warfare 9 -2 with epoch 3 category 0
    Armoured cars 6 -2 with epoch 3 category 0
    Fighters 9 -1 with epoch 3 category 0
    and yet the AI will not consistently pick the tech which appears(?) to be the most desirable (Chemical warfare?).
    Does anyone out there know the solution or the reason why the AI does this?
    Your advice will be appreciated.

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    The AI is stupid. Just make it a prerequisite.


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      Eternal, thanks for your reply - it seems to confirm what I was hoping was not the case.
      I will elaborate further on what I am trying to do.
      I have noticed that the AI cheats (never!) in its research rate which appears to be around twice that of the human player.
      In an attempt to return the AI to a level playing field, I have added in a 'dummy' tech for each researchable tech. The 'dummy' tech has a more desirable value and modifier for the AI to research so in theory the AI researches this first then researches the real tech. By indicating this in the name the human player does not research the 'dead end' tech.
      eg AI Chemical Industry 7 -2
      Chemical Industry 7 -1
      Unfortunately, giving the computer tribes forms of government which limit the maximum science rate is not really an option.
      Again thanks.


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        Are your AI civs allies? If so, they will be likely to coordinate (seems too smart a word for the AI... ) to keep pace with the human player, then trade each other techs. Do any of them study these techs?
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          The scenario is WW1 so the civs are allied:
          Britain+France+Russia+(later Italy)
          Bolsheviks(not for play - neutral then later at war with Russia)
          To keep the civs at war, I have had to remove all contact between them otherwise there is an 'outbreak of peace' in Sept 1915. Acquiring techs from conquest has been removed and research or event allocation are the only means available to gain techs.
          Some of the techs are common and researchable by all (eg fighters replacing monoplanes), but some are restricted to certain civs (eg AH, Italy and Bolsheviks cannot research bombers which follows on from fighters)
          The civs are all democracies with the exception of Russia (monarchy) and Bolsheviks (fundamentalism).
          I am trying to keep the senario playable as most civs rather than producing a separate version for each civ, but it does seem to be heading that way...