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  • Does someone take requests...

    This is for TOT btw:

    I have a sort of idea for a WW1 scenario, but i have no idea how to make a scen or enough knowlage of the time of where citries/ units would go. So if there is some scenario demond out there this is the idea i cant put into practice:

    Set it on Euro map, have English, French, Russians, Austria-Hungry, Germany, Blatic states and others.

    To simulate the war of attrictian, have a line of fortresses allong where the front lines were. On one line there are the triple entente and the other the others ones (i think itr was the triple alliance). They both have all their units in a fortress all along the lin (so there are 4 lines of frotressess, 2 for each army). in some area there are more unit then other areas (as there were n the war). To further simulate the stalemate, have atleast one (ut normally 2 or more) deffending untis in each fortress that has massive defence strength (eg, 15) and then some artillary with attack styreangth (10) and some infanbtry and tanks wuth attack strneth of about 8. This would simulate the idea of wasting massive units against small areas to make a small gain

    its complex, but does some one have the know how...
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    WW1 scenario

    I don't know if its for test of time or not but Kull's working on a ww1 scenario. the thread for it is in the scenario league page.


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      From what I've heard, Kull's scenario will differ substantially from The Andy-Man's request. He mentioned a focus on the Western front during Aug-Sep, 1914. During this period, the battle-lines were relatively fluid despite the presence of many forts.

      Aren't there some other WWI scenario's that simulate the trench warfare? I thought St. Leo wrote one (oops, like Kull's, I doubt that it was for ToT).
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        yeah, but most premade ww1 scenarios are to easy to break thorugh, on most i have tried, you can just smash thorugh one part of the line by thorwing all your artillary at it. we know this wasn't the case. i wanted one that has the effect that it is near impossible to make a small hole.
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          Well, I've been attempting to make a WWI scenario, except I have no willpower and no extra unit slots (still have 2.42). However, if you'd like to take over with what I have, by all means do.

          Of course, my planned scenario covered only the Western Front, with the map boundaries being roughly defined as a box with London as the northern extreme, Paris as the western extreme, Berlin as the eastern extreme, and Rome as the southern extreme. Civs were France-England (so they could share cities and really wasn't worth making two different civs because they never operate jointly as they should), Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Neutrals (Switzerland, the Netherlands, and sometimes Belgium ).

          I actually have a map drawn out for this, complete with city and terrain placement. I have a whole bunch of units drawn also, as well as the icons.gif. The problem is that I have no extra unit slots, no extra tech slots, and maybe most important, no events. (GASP! I really do wonder what games are like with events. It sounds like they would be much more interesting.) Plus, when I edit games using the in-game editor, the game likes to give me error messages, especially after a particularly grueling design session.

          So, to come to the point, albeit in a roundabout fashion, if you'd like to co-op on a scenario or just mercilessly pillage my graphics and ideas, I'm all for it.


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