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FW: MoveUnit Command?

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  • FW: MoveUnit Command?

    I am looking for feedback from scenario creators that have experimented with the "MoveUnit" command in the event editor.

    I know the standard answer: It doesn't work...

    But that's not completely true.
    I have numerous MoveUnit commands in my new scenario and they don't seem to work consistently, but without them the AI becomes much less mobile...
    It is clear that not all units that should move, move. Also if there are cities on the fastest route to the destination, the command seems to be "redirected" to that city.
    Is there a difference on how the command works if a specific unit name is used as opposed to "Anyunit"?

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    the "anyunit" flag doesn't seem to work right either. I haven't expiremented with it and the moveunit command but i know that if you say for example

    Blah blah blah

    it will only work for the first type of unit killed. For example if the first unit of B's killed by A is a Manatee, then the blah blah will only occur when A kills one of Bs manatees.

    I haven't expiremented with moveunit, as i heard the same as everyone else. this is very interesting.


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      The units that are
      1) not fortified
      2) not on sentry duty
      3) not already headed for a destination
      4) no building fortfications
      5) not nuclear weapons
      6) not human units
      can move with MoveUnit

      Unfortunately, for the AI, that is a very precise list, considering that many AI units are always on the move (but obviously going nowhere) or on sentry or fortified.. I think this event works best with freshly created units.

      You had said you were having trouble with the PlayWaveFile event. Try putting it first in the list of actions.


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        Has PLAYAVIFILE command work for anyone either? Just curious here.
        Civfan (Warriorsoflight)


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          no, but PLAYWAVFILE has worked just fine.