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Q on Science techs how quick

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  • Q on Science techs how quick

    In Civ2 can you change the number of sci points needed for different techs?? (not global)

    If so how eg

    Jet Engine, 4,-1, Chi, Uni, 1, 1 ; AFl 0
    Blitzkrieg, 8,-1, E2, Aut, 2, 0 ; Alp
    Amphibious Warfare, 2,-1, Ind, Tac, 3, 0 ; Amp
    Mobile Warfare I, 8,-1, E2, Alp, 2, 0 ; Ast
    Military Research, 2, 0, Ind, Min, 2, 2 ; Ato
    Automobile, 8,-1, Cmb, Stl, 1, 4 ; Aut 5
    Collection Centre, 2, 0, nil, nil, 3, 1 ; Ban
    Bridge Building, 2, 0, nil, nil, 0, 4 ; Bri
    High Power Tank Gun,6,-1, E2, X3, 0, 1 ; Bro
    Reformation Church, 2, 0, MT, E2, 1, 2 ; Cer
    Chemistry, 2, 0, nil, nil, 0, 4 ; Che 10
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    From The cost of research explained by Samson
    The cost of researching a new technology (the beaker count) is the product of two factors.
    The first is the Tech Number which you are researching. This is the number
    of Acquired Techs you have +1. Acquired Techs are all techs you have received
    in gameplay from research, huts, trades, gifts, or steals.
    It does not include your starting techs.
    The second factor is a Base Tech Multiplier to which either a bonus or penalty
    can be added. The formula would look like this:
    Cost of Research = TechNumber X (Base + Penalty/Bonus)
    The Penalty/Bonus is based on how far ahead or behind your research is
    compared to your current Key Civ. That relationship is quantified by
    comparing your TechNumber to your Key Civ's TechNumber. If you are the same
    you receive the Base Tech Multiplier with no Penalty or Bonus.
    The linked thread provides more detail. Hope this helps.
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      Thanks, it unfortuently answered my question as a no that civ2 doesn't have the ability to assigned tech item costs as per civ3.
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        If you want something to cost more, make it a two-part tech using a prereq and the real thing.
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          Or split it up into multiple techs to dilute the effect, if possible. E.g., if the discovery of Jet Engine gives you Airports, 2 units and Airbases, make it three or four separate techs with the same prereqs, or in a chain, with similar names. That way you avoid people skipping the extra research "cost" by using a diplomat to steal the end product from a civ that did the actual work.
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