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    Originally posted by varwnos
    atm i am having to fix some bug in the events.txt again (added two new events, and they arent working). when exactly is an event.txt file too big? (although probably this isnt the case, but those events just dont appear when i load the save file)

    Problem easily solved dude.You see the last used events are stored in the savegame. DRAG delevent.exe over your savegame file and it will clear out the events. Just load the game again and the events in your events.txt will be used.
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      Ty Palaiologos, but it wasnt that at all, infact i think that what you are talking about doesnt even exist as a problem with civ2fw (since you are using civ2 gold i gather that it is a common bug there) it was just some ussual typographical errors in the text.

      i am making some more changes, creating the final possible units (since there are very few squeres left anyway), so i made a generic general unit, and also a new unit for serb king

      the white-bearded king is the new latin king!

      i have 2 questions:

      1) is interval=4 for turninterval too high a number? because i keep waiting for the event to trigger and it doesnt!

      2) anyone know how you can set time to be 1/2 year/turn?

      what is great is that by having a linear techtree for all i managed to enable negotiations between all players, apart from the empire of constantinople (no communication with anyone, since it is supposed to collapse) and also the communication between serbia and bulgaria isnt permitted (and they are in war). i am trying not to have thessalonike in war with bulgaria and no negotiations allowed, but this creates problems with the bulgarian expansion, since if negotiations werent allowed bulgaria would just run over the newly conquered territories, and the player would be in hell trying just not to collapse, let alone conquering anything else!
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        Hey, nice to see the screenshots.
        I cannot play you scn right now bc I am away visiting my parents. I dont have my own pc nor internet here so I cannot comment on it. :-(

        Though the screens look great I must say! :-)
        I wont be back until late march, I guess my then your scn will be done.
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