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Empire of Thessalonike Beta dl url

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  • Empire of Thessalonike Beta dl url

    This is the beta version dl url of my byzantine scenario "The Empire of Thessalonike"...


    Play either as The Empire of Thessalonike, or The Empire of Bulgaria

    never play as the latin empire of constantinople, or Veneto

    Less fun, but playable:
    -Empire of Nicaea (byzantine empire)
    -minor Latin Kingdoms

    I am looking forward to your comments
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    The title.gif wasnt working since i dont have any paint program that allows palette loading in non 24bit files, so if someone can just convert this you would be helping

    special thanks to Mathias (DAROE creator) again (besides he is the more probable candidate for converting the title.gif heh! well, the thanks extend to more than that though )

    Oh, and it would be nice if the first comment you made wasnt entirely negative!
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      what too much civ2 can do...

      too much civ2 can:

      -make you think that in reality you are a byzantine general

      -cause you to wonder what defence/assault stats the chairs in your room have

      -make you forget the difference between a person needing help, and an ant (this is tricky however)

      -pose as a dark baron, waiting to walk to his window to look at the peons, below the mist, working in the fields, or preparing to go to the tavern...

      ***still expecting some reply to the scen!***


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        Here' the working title.gif

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          * I chose the civ Empire of Tessalonike. On the first turn Butrinto and Ioannena went into disorder.
          * They had no city improvements
          * I love the fighting icon!
          * 17 units are buildable right off the bat. Maybe you could 'spread them a bit around' in various advances? Or is that the intention, as the tech paradigm is extremely high?
          * I also had negative growth on the budget.
          * There is two slots called Serb Swordsman. One of them has no graphic.
          * The sail unit has a little 'dot' on the graphic.

          All in all it looks great! You surely have done a great job it seems!
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          Ave Europa, nostra vera Patria!


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            ty Kobra

            hm, well there ar some things to improve, that is certain, mostly:

            -having the castle as a buildable unit makes most civs to just try to build castles, and so there arent many combat units in the screen :|

            -i added some improvements, but i dont know why the ca$h flow is so infinitesimal. the situation is worse for the latin powers, since they dont go over 3 coins per city, nomatter what! (perhaps they have some tech that holds them back, but i am not sure which one it is)

            i dont know how to add "capitalisation' as an option

            banks are available through research, the tech tree will go a bit lower, but the point is that you have to conquer new towns until you can reasonably expect to do research etc

            the units are ok i think, but i lowered their costs

            any suggestions about these or other things are welcome!


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              I updated the scen a bit, you can dl it from the same url (i guess, since i uploaded a file of the same name, and deleted the old one). now it is more playable. there is also a new combat icon, somewhat cooler

              i need some people to playtest empire of thessalonike and bulgaria... i played as the emp of thessalonike for the first 20 turns, and it is really hard, you have to focus on the campaign in the east, since in turn 38 everything may collapse anyway (it did historically, bulgaria conquered pretty much all of northern Greece)

              (Kobra, i hope that you will continue to show interest in my scen! Btw where is mr Heresson, he promissed to have a look )
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                No one? oh come on guys, show some civ2 spirit!


                -bulgarians & serbs have their own city graphic (stolen ofcourse from someone else)

                -some castles in northern macedonia arent barbarian now, but bulgarian, since before they just managed to ruin the bulgarian conquest in 1235

                -edited four latin units, they now rule more

                -hm, i playtested Thessalonike again, sadly it is almost impossible for the player to have conquered much in the east by 1235 (i.e. in 30 turns), perhaps i should make the time be 2 turns/year. how is that done?

                ps: i really hope that i will get some feedback..


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                  perhaps i should make the time be 2 turns/year. how is that done?
                  You open the cheat menu and go down to scenario parameters at the bottomn of the menu. You choose 'Turn Year Increment' and type in '-2'. Good luck!
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                    uhm.. -2 makes it 6 turns a year..
                    "Peace cannot be kept by force.
                    It can only be achieved by understanding"


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                      oh, sorry about that

                      Then I don't remember what is should be to be honest
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                        Hm, i think that previously the files had some bugs in the events.txt. now that is fixed. also i made some changes in the armies, now it is rather easier to conquer half of Macedonia (with a little planning) before turn 30. I just might release the scen without many more changes, the main change might be some units becoming available later on, but i am not sure, probably the heavy siege tower unit though (atm only the castle isnt available at the start). I can't really say that you have helped much with playtesting though! anyway (perhaps this shall happen too, who knows)


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                          I am playtesting (no comments) emp of Thessalonike atm and in turn 25 this is how things look, very normal, the latin empire of constantinople has collapsed in the eastern part, and is collapsing in the western part where bulgaria has taken two cities (turn 25 is the beginning of bulgarian expansion in macedonia through events). so i think that apart from the tech tree everything is ok, and i will just lower the paradigm i think, perhaps having a couple of units appear later etc. i also reworked all of the latin units and the ottoman unit. if i upload another version of the scen you can dl it from there, but you can always just copy/paste i guess. Yes, i am adressing all this to my phantom audience, thats right (humor does good)

                          All in all i am happy that the scen is nearing completion! And virtually nothing near as crap as my horrible first scen, this scen makes me feel ok as a civ2 creator
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                            Truly great work!
                            Find my civ2 scenarios here

                            Ave Europa, nostra vera Patria!


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                              Thank you Kobra

                              atm i am having to fix some bug in the events.txt again (added two new events, and they arent working). when exactly is an event.txt file too big? (although probably this isnt the case, but those events just dont appear when i load the save file)

                              -added two new special (king) units: latin king (seen in the pic, near Korinthos) and serb king.
                              -changed the graphic for Theodoros (seen in the pic near Philippoi, now he is more like Darth Vader, at least the sword is)

                              this change makes the minor latin kingdoms a powerful enemy, since they are the only nation that get new kings through events

                              i think that i will release the scen (after the event.txt gets to work) as it is, and release a future version afterwards, if i feel like reworking it etc. i am very happy with it though!
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