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  • Combat Ratios?

    I'm trying to balance the combat numbers out for land/air/sea. There's a large number of mathematical considerations that come into it, including the fact that ships should be able to move quickly, but I don't want them being able to attack on each of their turns (which would create an unstoppable fleet and therefore dissuade coastal cities).

    I remember seeing a link to a thread or webpage where somebody had identified each relation of combat, eg. Scrambling Fighters vs bombers, or partisans vs. trade units, etc.

    Does anybody know of a site where that has been discussed?
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    That sort of information would most likely be found in the Strategy section. I found this one through the Great Library index.

    One discovery through the scenario creation side of things has been that naval units with an air superiority role (but without the "can attack air units flag") are less likely to attack costal cities; but this combination does interfere with Airlifts and lead to interceptions.
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      Here's a more up-to-date version of that thread:
      Civilization II: maps, guides, links, scenarios, patches and utilities (+ Civ2Tech and CivEngineer)


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        Do you have Excel? I could post a xls that's based on these threads. You can click checkboxes for almost all of the modifiers.
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          Wow! Okay, yes, that would be great!

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            Boco, I'm sure we'd all appreciate such a tool. Could you post it here?
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              Well . . . .

              If (and only if) you're not going to use actual submarines in the scenario, then you can give all the naval units the sub flag. This means that they wouldn't be able to attack coastal unit/cities, only other ships. You can also give ships the "can spot subs" flag so they can all see each other.

              Interchangable with this idea is another; you can make each ship 0 attack, but normal defense. Then you create units using the "cruise missle" flag with the appropriate ranges for each ship type, and make the naval units able to carry them. The by-product of this technique is that ships MUST put into port every so often to restock their magazines with "shells/ammo." Bigger ships could carry more ammo. You could also vary the ammo types; torpedos vs. normal shells. On a small scale (large area map) this doesn't work so well. But on a large scale (small area map) it could nicely simulate naval combat (at least a little better than the default game.)
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                This is an older version. The current version carries a huge amount of El Aurens crap in it.

                Civ2 Combat Probability Calculator

                The calculator part works , but I can't vouch for the @Units import subroutine. Slowthinker went through a lot of effort to make sure that I kept to the GL algorithm and modifiers.

                Here's a partial screenshot. It's missing the section containing the checkboxes for all the modifiers.

                One key to keeping ships from being too effective at shore bombardment is to use the fp carefully. When ships attack land units, both units have their fp adjusted to 1. If you use fp to increase a ship's punch rather than the af, it will be less effective at killing land units, but still nasty to ships and planes.

                If you want to use Exile's idea (it's kinda slick if you can live without true subs), pay some attention to the AEGIS flag. AEGIS units are x5 against air missiles.
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                  I remember having difficulties with subs before. Isn't it true that they have something like unlimited missile carrying capacity? It would be scary to allow them to carry entire Cross-Strait-Silo's worth of missiles!
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                    In standard Civ 2, subs can only carry 8 missiles. It may be possible to change this, but I'm afraid I don't know how.

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