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Civ2Dip 3.0 Launched!!!

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  • Civ2Dip 3.0 Launched!!!

    The new installament of Civ2Dip, the 3.0 release, is now publicly avaliable at:

    The new features are:

    Exchange of units

    With this screen in the diplomacy options

    you can give units to your allies:


    With automaps you can produce beatiful maps for your PBEMs threads


    With this feature, you can replicate what Lazyciv does... in a way that appears to work in more computers that Lazyciv! (Very good program, BTW). Plus, Civ2Dip correct bugs that are outside Lazyciv's ability.

    Polish translation

    Password system
    Civ2Dip now uses the standard password system of Civ2, so now you don't need two password: one for Civ2Dip and another of Civ2.

    And much more!
    (For instance, Civ2Dip now remembers your last folder... so you don't start always from "My Documents")
    Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community

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    Guys, this is kinda of my goodbye present. I hope you'll enjoy it. If there is any bug I'll correct them when I'll return.

    Good luck everyone until my return!
    Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community


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          Hmm... This is very interesting but I'm also very ignorant. I've always wanted to finish a "Diplomacy" style scenario but felt the in-game diplomacy was too rudimentary.

          Does it work with ToT?

          Can it work with hotseat?
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            It works with hot-seat, at least from my experience, and even SP.
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              Well, I've returned...

              There was some problem with the official page, but I believe that it's now corrected and you can download the 3.0 release from the link in the first post.


              No, it doesn't work with ToT. However, if there is enough interest, I can do a ToT release.
              What features would you like in a demo game?
              Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community