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    Spring break for me is late March, so i'll try to get some cities done then.
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    There are reasons why I believe mankind should live in cities and let nature reclaim all the villages with the exception of a few we keep on display as horrific reminders of rural life.-Starchild
    Meat eating and the dominance and force projected over animals that is acompanies it is a gateway or parallel to other prejudiced beliefs such as classism, misogyny, and even racism. -General Ludd


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      Ahhhh, improvements

      "Seat of Governance,"
      "Training Grounds,"
      "Ice Cellar,"
      "House of Joy and Pain,"
      "Grocer and Trade Street,"
      "Pen and Ink Publishing,"
      "Ethical Accountants,"
      "Fortified Bulwarks,"
      "Rainwater Cisterns,"
      "Money Lender,"
      "Red Lion Tavern,"
      "Apprentice School,"
      "Jango Ball Stadium,"
      "Blacksmith Quarter,"
      "Ore Smelting Fields,"
      "Slag Removal and Burial,"
      "City Char Fuel Service,"
      "Water Wheel Facility,"
      "Phlogiston Oil Industry,"
      "Insurance Brokerage,"
      "City Rubbage Dump,"
      "Well Drilling n Devining,"
      "Cobblestone Streets,"
      "Drafting Hall Repository,"
      "Ballista Defenses,"
      "Breakwater Cannon Fort,"
      "Wind Powered Mill Stones,"
      "Deep Quay and Dock,"
      "Seaweed and Fish Farms,"
      "City Judicators,"
      "Ship Construction Yards,"
      "(Treasury Tax),"
      "Ice Caravans,"
      "Circus of the Sad Clowns,"
      "Merchant Guards,"
      "Coastal Bonfires,"
      "Lu's Love Emporium,"
      "General Rokque,"
      "The Mercenary Draft,"
      "The Great Smelting Engine,"
      "Boars Head Inn Franchise,"
      "Patent Office,"
      "The Star Compass Company,"
      "The Jango Ball World Cup,"
      "Brewery Purity Laws,"
      "Archimedes' College,"
      "City Income Taxes,"
      "The Bar Napkin Affair,"
      "Aristocratic Malaise,"
      "The Diplomats Lounge,"
      "Military Mail System,"
      "The Water Wheel Works,"
      "Madame Tolouse's Schools,"
      "Ice Cream Industry Subsidy,"


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        The majority of the icons are finished, as well as the terrain. Also, the units are about a third of the way there. I might go and buy the sound editor Blaze Audio and start mixing some decent sound effects and music for this one on my day off. Also, the describe text is about halfway done.

        In other news, does anyone know why this thread keeps disappearing? Even if I extend the viewable period for threads I can't find it. I had to search my posts to find it. Bizarre... I don't think I pissed anyone off recently....


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          Five playable civs. One of the new civs is a special one, designed to be that "sneaky thief nation" everyone has always wanted to play. I'm thinking that the other one might be a "for hire" civ, with some special abilities that can be sold out to the other civs.

          The details are still being hashed out and I have redesigned part of the map to accomodate a better multiplay environment. I'm hoping that the 2 additional civs will create some interesting alliances.

          I think I have solved the settler problem and over population, at least for this scenario. Settlers for each of the three major civs will appear at random at a specified tile on the map, conventiently inhabited by non moving, undestroyable units for each civ. This tile will serve as an "Ellis Island" of the new territories. The settlers will appear at random, well outside of each civ's zone of control. The trick will be to control the island to control who gets their settlers off.

          Also, I have created a number of events that create units that can be hunted to create caravan goods.

          Basically this is all about strategy, money, and multiplayer come-uppance. Should be fun...


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            You must be having a blast with the improvement icons! Do Madame Tolouse's Schools represent a science or happy wonder?
            El Aurens v2 Beta!


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              It's a Science wonder. Give the kids a proper education and some good discipline and they'll become the future of the world...

              I would also like to direct your attention to the "House of Joy and Pain" Ooooh, it feels so good.... Gotta love "creatively free" scenarios.


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                Very nice gif indeed!

                Which of your already released scenarios do you suggest that i download, HT?
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                  Well you could DL Atomic Eagle and improve on it if you're feeling lucky. I'm sure the post-mission part needs some work.