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  • BLOOD & STEEL v1.0

    1914: Germany won the war against France within 4 weeks carrying out von Schlieffen´s plan.
    1915: In the greatest offensive yet seen on earth German troops surround St. Petersburg and Russia surrenders.
    1916: US President Wilson managed to make Germany and Great Britain sign an armistice. The Great War was over.

    Italy though, feeling cheated by Germany only gets Nice/Nizza and Tunesiaturns fascist in 1922 and Mussolini subsequently built up his forces for the Day X, the Resurrection of the Roman Empire.

    This day seems to have come now. It is December 1932 and just 2 weeks ago Italy launched an offensive against Spain and Portugal. There is hardly if any resistance and after 13 days only Lisbon and Madrid are not under Italian control. The major powers were not able to respond quick enough to this conflict and now only Italian vessels patrol
    the seas.

    The Major Powers

    Italy/Roman Empire
    It has always been Mussolini´s dread to resurrect the Roman Empire and bring back the days of ancient Rome, with the Eternal City as head of the world. Now he took his chance and has to face destiny ...

    United States
    Gone through the Great War without having had to fight themselves the United States suffered serious problems after the Black Thursday in 1929 and is now only slowly recovering with some worker´s protests still brewing in certain industrial centers. The U.S. has to recover first
    before thinking of intervening anywhere.

    Kingdom of France
    After the defeat in the Great War a predecessor of Napoléon III became King, not Emperor, of France. The use of the title emperor was forbidden by the victor of the Great War, Wilhelm II of Germany. Now France is still
    allied with Russia and all it wants is revenge. But when can Germany finally be challenged?

    Ottoman Empire
    For centuries the 'Weak Man on the Marmara Strait' seemed more dead than alive but after victory in the Great War the glory days of the Ottoman Empire seem to have come back as most of the Balkans is now again under the control of the Sultan of Istanbul.

    Russian Empire
    In 1916, one year after the humiliating defeat, the Russian Revolution swept the old Czar Nicholas II away and his 21 year-old nephew Ivan, nick-named 'The Rebuilder', promised to his people to 'make Russia great again that every Russian can be proud of it'. The alliance with France was strenghtened and renewed and all of Russia is dreaming of marching Unter den Linden in Berlin.

    British Empire
    Undefeated by Germany Britain simply stopped fighting and signed an armistice. But on both sides of the Channel men know that the final showdown between the Germans and the British must and will take place someday. Maybe someday soon ...

    After the victory in the Great War Germany was undoubtedly the master of Europe. After achieving this goal Wilhelm II told his people what the next achievement shall be someday: Global Dominance!
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    The game files ... are at CDG as the attachment limit is too low here at Apolyton. Sorry for that!

    ... and the Roll of Honor!

    Captain Nemo & Alex the Magnificient
    Nilat Bolshevik

    ... if I should have forgotten someone please contact me!

    Attached you find the units! Enjoy and please post any comments here or at CDG!
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      And some screenie ...
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        First of all, EXCELLENT JOB!! I love the new units and I can[t wait to give this a play when I get home. Having said that, why the heck are you using Harry Turtle's cities? Not that there's anything wrong with them but you made such nice ones yourself for Blood and Steel. Still, it looks amazing!!


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          du nuss hast die guten alten römischen städte weggenommen??? gerade die waren doch die herausstechend guten in deinem alten citys.gif!!!

          Hol sie zurück!!!

          sorry folks but when I am angry I have to write in my mother language!

          All in all this one stays being a great one!!!
          Deutscher Meister 2004: WERDER BREMEN


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            Haha, you are a nut yourself! The Italians have to take Madrid before proclaiming their renewed empire


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              you should have told me before that screenshot shocking all of us...
              Deutscher Meister 2004: WERDER BREMEN


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                Looks great


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                  Totally love the units and idea!

                  Jim, clear your PM box!



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                    @jim panse

                    happy birthday to you


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                        Do you mean "predecessor" to Napoléon III, or a successor of?

                        Looks very nice though.


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                          Looks good. DO you need MGE or can I get by with 2.78?
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                            @ skipper: Thank you!

                            @ all others I wish to thank too

                            @ duke o´ york: I meant successor. Sorry but my English is not too good after all ...

                            @ Theben: I created this one in MGE. I am sorry but I cannot tell you if it will work under v2.78 but you can get the upgrade patch at civfanatics!

                            @ curt: Consider it done!


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                              Best wishes also from me, Steph!
                              I hope your exam was successfull.
                              Deutscher Meister 2004: WERDER BREMEN