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SOVIET STEEL II - The Red Rage Returns!

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  • SOVIET STEEL II - The Red Rage Returns!


    One of my major new year projects is to provide good updates of my previous scenarios...

    The first to get a redux is last year's Soviet Steel.
    I was never truly happy with this scenario, and now plan to rebuild it from the floor.

    I plan to present a range of all-new units, rules, techs and give the chance to
    conduct a mega war to assert your hegemony's rule over the world!

    The action centers on Europe, but this is a global war on a edited version of the Dictator-III map.
    Research is geared towards the dawn of the jet age, with some nasty weapons to tempt the player.

    This time around there are no complex events, no waiting around.
    But a streamlined and nail-biting war for survival between these civs:

    USA, (good ol' America)
    USSR, (Stalin's Russia)
    UDO, (United Defence Organisation - Europeans)
    WARPAC, (Warsaw Pact Allies)
    China, (Zedong's Communists)
    India, (Fast-growing power)
    WDA. (Western Democratic Allies)

    Some civs will not fight immediately, but this war will effect all nations...

    Set in an alternate 1948, where Germany had surrendered 4 years before,
    the scenario kicks off at the dawn of the USSR's surprise invasion of Europe.
    The USA is rushing reinforcements to the front, can they make it in time?

    And can France, Britain and Germany hold the line?

    I want to give you all the chance to find out.

    I plan to make the Soviet Steel that should have been.

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    This post is reserved for the units!


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      This post is reserved for the readme and links!


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        A little taster of things to come:

        1st row:
        Red Chinese Trooper, MiG-Z Strike Jet, Soviet T-50 MBT, USAF Sabre.

        2nd row:
        Fw255 Fighter, Swedish Trooper, Strongpoint, Terrorist MiG-15.

        In terms of unit help, again I wish to salute Nemo, Fairline, Tanelorn, Jim Panse, FMK, Jimmywax and Harry Tuttle!

        Cheers, chaps!
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          Sorry, uncontrolled feeling of triumph at the release of a scenario WITHOUT NAZIS!
          Calling all Designers, the SL CivGroup is open for business!


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            Anything you want Curt, just ask. By the way, nice new avatar.


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              What role is sweden going to play?
              "You should count all humans as your kinfolk and the whole world as your foster country."
              - Queen Kristina


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                That scenario will be great!
                Alles ist möglich! Nichts wird uns aufhalten!
                Solidarität mit Island!

                Join the Ž ß š ä ö ü õ - Front!


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                  Originally posted by gerryandersson
                  What role is sweden going to play?


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                    Originally posted by gerryandersson
                    What role is sweden going to play?
                    We'll be kicking everyone else's ass of course...
                    No Fighting here, this is the war room!


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                      In the first version we provided the Soviets with our Artillery unit if they occupied Stockholm, but he must've another solution in this version.
                      "Peace cannot be kept by force.
                      It can only be achieved by understanding"


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                        Thanks, dudes!

                        @Henrik :

                        The mighty Swedish forces will be fighting against Stalin in this version.
                        And differing conditions will dictate when and how they appear!

                        For Allies: Diplomacy might convince Sweden to join in.
                        For Soviets: A red invasion will spur Sweden to fight.

                        @GoPostal :
                        True! There will be now nazis in this scenario.

                        I am going to send you a PM!


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                          The invasion by Soviet forces will come up against a 'wall' of immobile Euro/German and strongpoint units.

                          On the first turn, a large force of US reinforcements will be ready to make the 4-5 turn journey across the Atlantic.

                          At the same time, I plan to make the UDO defence wall stand up to a WARPAC pounding for about 5-6 turns...

                          After which, the soviets will begin to pour through, the race against time will be to reinforce Europe to stem the red tide.

                          Losing all of Europe will mean an extremely tough time for the Allies...Atom bombs will be the only option.

                          More to come....


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                            In the last scenario, Chiang won the Chinese Civil War...any detail on what happened?


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                              This time you get to play as Zedong's bad guys and try and beat Chiang!

                              The honour of killing Beria in the events is still there if you want it, RM!