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  • Snapping screenshots

    This forum is always gifted with those beatiful screenshots that would make a Renaissance artist blush.

    Go ahed and spank me if you wish for the total newbie question, but can you point me to a program to take shots that will run on windows 95 and i can download freely on the net?

    Thank everyone !

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    To take screenshots, get the game to where ever you want then hit the 'print screen' button on your keyboard. Then load up whatever graphics editing program you have (MS Paint for example) and select the 'paste' option from the menu or hit 'Cntrl+V' This will paste what was on your screen when you hit 'print screen'. You can then edit out the parts you don't want and save the result as a .jpeg or .gif file
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      Was it that ovous !?! Doh !

      THank you !


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        Thanks for the Christmas present

        Although I've seen the "Print Screen" procedure described elsewhere, I couldn't get it to work.
        My keyboard seems to show that PS requires Shift/PS. Your post got me to try again, this time without using Shift.
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          Yeah, screenshots are actually taken with SysRq, but Print Screen is easier to remember.
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