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The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) - UPDATED!

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  • The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) - UPDATED!

    I finally released the update of my best Civ II work: the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) scenario.

    This update features new graphics (units and terrain files), more realistic starting positions of the units, improved gameplay, and some better sound files.

    Here you can see the graphic changes, as how was BEFORE and NOW



    Get here the update, or in the link at my signature.

    Spanish Civil War scenario UPDATE

    You just have to replace the files in the .zip with the old ones. If you don't have yet the original scenario, follow the link at my signature

    I attach the Units.gif file, with many thanks to fairline and jim panse
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    Looks good Pablo!

    One question though: the Republican player can build railroads (urban), yet the Nationalist player cannot. If they try, a message tells them that roads cannot be improved further. Is this a mistake? I can't have been the only to notice this (it was in the first version too), so maybe it is intentional?
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    • #3's a bug.

      No-one should be able to build railroads. Thanks for noticing it. You have been the first one



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        Please download again. All bugs fixed

        btw: How can I delete old files in the upload server? when I click to DEL, nothing happens


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          SCW just became one of the best looking Scenarios on the web!

          My top praise for what you have done, pablostuka!

          DL-ing right now!


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            The Me109 and the Legion Kondor shield is simply excellent!

            I urge everyone to give this scen a shot!


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              Thank you very very much, Curt! The new shields were done by jim panse, as a Christmas gift It's the real Condor Legion insignia. (see below)

              Anyway, I'm gonna post an update very soon. People are finding more bugs!! . Looks like some Republican units move without permission...


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                Ok, ladies & gentlemen. Please download this patch that fixes the last bugs

                I hope this is the final product
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                  Great work Pablo, Some of the best units and graphics aroun in this one
                  Can we use this patch for our demogame? Or do I have to get the old version again for the demogame?
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                    The demogame was started with the original (old) version. You can't use the new .scn file to continue playing, but of course, you can replace all the graphics (only graphics). Don't replace Rules, events and the .scn file, or the demogame won't work


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                      This is a superb upgrade of an already excellent scenario Pablo


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                        Thank you very much, fairline