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    this might become the most stupid request in SLeague history. I need a geographical map of the district I live in. I simply neither have such a map which satisfies me, nor do I have the time to look for one.
    The district I mean is Central Franconia (German: Mittelfranken). I especially need something depicting the rural areas west of the Erlangen-Nürnberg-Fürth urban area. The map should be detailed enough to feature the communities of Hemhofen, Röttenbach, and, possibly, but not necessarily, Zeckern.
    The rough geographical frame should be: Erlangen/Nürnberg/Fürth, Forchheim, Herzogenaurach, Höchstadt/Aisch, Neustadt/Aisch, Hersbruck. If Nürnberg (Nuremberg) and Fürth are not included, it's not that tragic, but Erlangen should be in.
    I have decided to make justice with this rotten area (if you're searching for hell on earth, it's here), and make a de-glorifying (to say the very least!) scenario about it.
    It may also be (and propably is) something of stress relief for me. I'm getting sick and tired here, but I'm stuck here for at least another six months.
    Anyone who is willing to help me (the thought counts) gets a party smiley.
    Before you ask, yes I'm still working on the other scenario I announced. But it will be a while before any further announcements can be made.
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    Try this:

    Cross check this map with a regular road map and you should be able to flush out most of the cities. This relief is the best I can find.
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      Well, what I need in particular is detail of the area between Erlangen and Neustadt a.d. Aisch.
      I do have a road atlas, but I need a detailed overview so I can make a Civ2 map out of it...
      Thanks anyway
      Follow the masses!
      30,000 lemmings can't be wrong!


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        Woah, ok, that's a bit detailed... Try your local library, they might have some topographical maps of the area, or maybe even the water department.