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    I was talking to Riesstiu just now and I realized that I needed to get some decent music and sounds for my scenarios. Anyone know of any good sound ripper programs, something that can grab sounds from games and create wav files?

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    Ah cmon, a little love, please.


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      Perhaps no such program exists.


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        Actually I might have found one on I'll post a link once I get it to work.


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          Maybe it's just that nobody around here is an expert. He asked for a good one. There are in fact loads of such programs. For converting MP3s to WAVs, I've got the shareware version of AudioEdit Deluxe and the freeware CoolDecode. How they measure up to others around isn't really known to me. They do their job. Even Windows' Sound Recorder utility allows you to switch between various WAV formats.

          You might want to check some of these lists out at Tucows:

          Some game developers store sounds in their own proprietary formats. In this case you'll need a fan-made ripper utility (if one exists) to extract the goodies first.

          Edit: Too late, I guess.
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            Well I found one that can record sounds from anywhere, not just mp3s or CDs. I tried about 5 others but they didn't do squat.

            The problem is that the one that does work costs $99 to be able to save any of the recorded sounds. It's called Auqio Sound Studio 2.0. Download the demo if you want.