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Custom Nuclear explosion?

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  • Custom Nuclear explosion?

    Has anybody tried to create their own custom nuclear explosion. I want to replace the original one to something more akin to planetary bombardment. Do you know where I could find such a graphic?

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    The nuke explosion is hard-coded into the game, I am not sure anyone has been able to get a hold of it.


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      The answer here is similar to that of your earlier question. The explosion animation is located in the file, Tiles.dll. To change it, as Justinianum stated before, you'll need a utility such as Resource Hacker or Gif Xtractor. However, the changes will affect all of your Civ2 games.
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        I realize that, and I have actually made a copy of Tiles.dll for my scenario. I've changed all the backgrounds successfully, but any changes I make to the nuclear explosion messes up the sequence and I see a grey block where the nuclear explosion is supposed to be. It's really not that big a deal...


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          I just tried it myself without a problem. It sounds like you're doing everything right because you've got the backgrounds working properly, ie, version 87a, non-interlaced gif, with Civ2 palette, equal to or less than the original file's size. Apart from that, I'm not sure. You might have to wait for a response from one of the Civ2 gurus around here.
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            You're on the right track.

            Open Resource Hacker and the tiles.dll file.

            Extract the nuclear explosion image, any one of them will do.

            Open it in an art program, preferably PSP (it's what I use).

            Save the palette from the file.

            Load your custom graphic into PSP and import the saved nuke palette.

            Now save the explosion file as a gif.

            Import the new file into the dll via RHack.

            That should work, and if not, then something else is wrong and the dll file might've possibly been corrupted.

            Almost all the images in the dll's have different palettes that are custom coded into the game. To change a pic file successfully, you need to extract the palette and use it on any new pics placed into a particular slot.