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    Originally posted by Lft Marks
    hmm, strange. my email inbox aint full, try again my good man!
    My mail contents the update 1 post above your posting.


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      sounds size(4,5MB),(4,5MB), (2,5MB)

      new unit: pioneer to enable transform terrain command
      now you can use swamp as stop attack terrain
      Swamp, 6, 1, 1,0,0, Grs, 0,30, 6, For, 0,30, 0, Swa, ; Swa

      some unitsslots swapped because of emerging units from huts.


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        Axis aggressivity drastically increased.
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          new Readme
          Title: Total War
          WW2 european and atlantic theater
          working Beta

          Scen. has been nearly completed
          Scen differentiates between human and AI players.


          recommended level: General
          Level nightmare only for experts.

          city reconnaissance is fundamental.
          There ar lots of strongpoints disappearing by taking key cities
          but its also possible to kill strongpoints with your units at some costs.
          These strongpoints can be build only by AI at the end of the techpath
          bunkers are defined as domain 3 units so they couldnt moved by Freighters(Transports) or Convoys(Carrier)

          Western Allies and Russia should not start military operations against anybody, until they are attacked by germany. They got their
          military techs via special events (german attack) or achieving the end of the Techpath.

          Neutrals are not able to build a substantial military force at the beginning until they discover Tech enable Weapons at the end of the Techpath .
          Italians, French, minor Axis dont get advanced units until they discover Tech enable Weapons at the end of the Techpath.
          At this time you can decide the allied and the german weaponry-techpath
          Choosing your favourite will form a permanent war with the other side.

          Russia Germany and Allies has separate techpaths to get their weaponry.

          I couldnt prevent AI from trading with the "false" techs without forbid diplomatic activities completly. So I define all allied
          Weaponry as -1,9 techs
          and german weaponry as -1,-9 techs .
          french and allies are defined as civilised leaders and all axis as militaristic leaders

          Russia civilize is defined as 0

          Civ splitting is enabled. so its possible that killed civ restarts via split.

          All possible in game features allowed to win the scenario.
          Dont change any of the textfiles.

          victory condition: capturing all cities of the opposing coalition.

          Hint: every unit has a function, Infanteryunits are able to see invisible enemies,
          with irregulars you can run recon missions.
          look for huts you can find some specials

          reproduction of units is expensive. Germany Is able to upgrade units
          Money and research are the main problems.All civs starts with -x income.
          keep your research as high as you can. your AI enemies will research 1-3 turns per Techs at the beginning
          Germans has most problems with anti war demonstrations (pollution); the other civs are less effected by this feature

          It's not possible to trade Technologies between human players and others.
          buts its possible to gift Technologies. It's your choice to choose the right thing.

          Changing Terrains may be essential to increase production, on the other side you can transform several terrains
          to swamp to create defense lines.

          All civs playable but the main civs
          Allies, Axis and Russia because of their full working techpath.

          All other civs have to wait until Tech "enable Weapons" to get better weapons.

          AI players generally have a fast research especially the main Civs and the Neutrals.
          As human you have to concentrate on key technologies, you decide the way
          pure military power or city development and research.

          But beware of getting to far behind to the AI players in Technology, military power
          or ecomic strenght. You will be thrown away at the dumpyard of history.

          Use diplomatic negotiations to prevent some unusual problems,
          as there were anti war demonstrations.
          Via diplomacy you can aquire the useful technology human.

          The civs

          2 coalitions
          Germans, Italians, minor Axis

          Allies, French Russians

          additional Neutrals and further Neutrals (Barbar)

          Axis players are the aggressors, They start WW2 whereever and whenever they want.
          you should follow the origial history path, to prevent some casualities,
          but it's not recommended.

          Germany:main power, strongest military power at the start, they have also an strong economy to wage a war.
          But they need to expand to compete with Allies und Russians.
          As Axis you have to decide - supply your Axis partners with new weapons,
          since Germany is not able to wage a war at all fronts but there is also danger of changing sides.
          -attack direction

          Italy: only strong in the beginning of WW2. As time comes
          their weaponry will become some historical worth.
          Albania after germany attacks poland
          Balcan, mediterean Sea

          minor Axis
          Its the weakest of the 3 axis civs. Try to survive and give the other axis powers some assistanc By all means.

          Russia: main power they need to improve their economy first until the german aggression starts.
          to compete with the germans with newest weaponry.
          free further Neutral cities estwards of the Curzon line after germany attacks Poland

          Look at the diplomacy screen, defeat the civs you are at war with.
          Their gouvernment dont allow stronger military engagements.
          They have also a problem to keep their people content, they need some key research.

          -France : Its your task to delay the german agression, if you fail to soon
          your allies were not able to defeat the axis and to heal the world from fascist regimes.

          -Allies :main power, prevent german brigdeheads on your coast at all costs. to win the war you need also the ressources of the United States,
          wich starts as further Neutrals.Assist your french partners.

          -Neutrals:keep your civ neutral at all cost, you are not able to build a strong military at the beginning.
          Its your chance to achieve the enable Weapons technology.
          At this time you decide, whose looking like an enemy. I hope your decision will be rigth.

          Many thanks to everyone who creates the artwork, some text taken from other Scens because of bad english abilitys.
          European parts of the gigamap mostly taken from Harlan Thompson - Ansteig

          Special Thanks to Stef.
          I use his unitset and tons of soundevents he used in his scenario Blitzkkrieg (another upcoming new Scenario)

          update 28.10.03
          more agressive Axis

          update 31.10.03
          completely reworked main-techpath
          (contains now some loops )

          Feedback desired to

          Thoddy - Thorsten Wahl- Germany - Hanover

          @title=F O R B I D D E N
          It's strictly forbidden to Cheat!


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            "Military training has three purposes: 1)To save ourselves from becoming subjects to others, 2)to win for our own city a possition of leadership, exercised for the benefit of others and 3)to exercise the rule of a master over those who deserve to be treated as slaves."-Aristotle, The Politics, Book VII

            All those who want to die, follow me!
            Last words of Emperor Constantine XII Palaiologos, before charging the Turkish hordes, on the 29th of May 1453AD.


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              Any coments or

              diplomacy is now enablede.
              I use the minor axis negotiations to identify Human and AI civs.

              completely reworked techpath
              I have a problem with:
              Tech19, 0,-9, no,nil, 4, 0 ; Ref Achtung Cor, nil, verursacht fehler vermutlich Schleife

              Tech 19 should be in as follows chain T
              Tech 17
              Tech 18 (is Cor)
              Tech 19 (cor,nil crashes civ2)
              Tech 20

              If I replace the no with the correct Cor this will civ2 cause to crash if you achieve the next (german)Technolgy and I cannot find the loop that causes the crash
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                Are you giving all civs access to the future techs?

                That is the cause of many a crash...


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                  Problem eliminated

                  I hope this was the last general change.

                  -The main Techpath now contains 33 technologies within 3 connected columns.

                  -Special Technologies enable city-improvments and Terrain improvments like Cities, Theater, Church, Entrenchments, Tank defenses

                  -all weaponry Techs also diverge from the main techpath.

                  -special techs for human and AI players enable special Improvents and Gouvernments for AI and Human players to keep an more balanced gameplay between human and AI players because of the huge citycount (255).

                  Try to keep your research better than 3 turns per tech for the main civs.

                  Barbarian(renamed to further Neutral) upraising, national unrest and piracy is not completely tested until now. Messages were adapted if I have found all of them. If you find some incorrect things (ships over Land, land units over ocean), please give me some feedback. I will correct this as soon as possible - simple unit slot change.

                  Edit Atachment deleted new main file in directory
                  Ver 0.91 6 times loaded


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                    Hi Thoddy!
                    Endlich ist es da, das langerwartete Szenario.
                    Würds gern mal antesten (hab erst seit heute wieder internet) aber dein Batch File funzt irgendwie nicht...
                    Deutscher Meister 2004: WERDER BREMEN


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                      new main file
                      ver 0.92
                      switch unitslots



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                        Hi Thoddy,
                        I just played your scen for the first time and what shall I say- it is MARVELLOUS! GREAT! UNBELIEVABLE! UNBEATABLE! AND FROM TURN ONE ON THE BEST SCEN EVER!!!

                        Your Eventsounds give such a mood to the scen, never saw something like that before.
                        Deutscher Meister 2004: WERDER BREMEN


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                          ver 0.93,

                          Manhattan Project included (only AI is able to produce atomic bombs)

                          some changes in unitcosts, because of the extreme difficulty level.

                          I afraid its not possible to win the scen, whatever civ you choose.
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