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    I got the province just south of Tago once, when I played as Venice once. Tago was the only province left there, so whenever they declare war, I moved in, sieged the city for about three months, took it, demanded 500d and got it. It was a great way of getting money!
    Lo there do I see my father
    Lo there do I see my mother
    and my sisters and my brothers
    Lo there do I see the line of my people
    back to the begining
    Lo they do call to me
    They bid me take my place among them
    in the Halls of Valhalla
    where the brave may live forever


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      try austria on very hard/wild with IGC v1.08........this rocks!!

      weird god, EUROPA
      weird god, EUROPA


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        I like taking Andulusia from the Spanish. That gives me the shipyard (one settler per year) and easy access to both the Spanish and Portuguese capitols. I usually leave a 40K army there.

        I'm currently playing Brandenburg in the IGC, so I'm more focused on central Europe at first. Later, I'll be looking for maps and planning for a shipyard.
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          Holy sh!t! Attacking Poland-Lithuania was a bit of a mistake
          I was allied with a powerful Russia, but the mighty steamroller failed to roll...

          I escaped with all my provinces, but I only have 4,000 infantry left now... Think I'll pick on Baden next...


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            Back from playing Courland..... Its 1510, and I have Kurland, Memel, Livonia and Gotland. Its getting kinda dull, but I know that Poland will try to invade me sometime soon, and that will be a cliffhanger.....
            *grumbles about work*


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              Decade bump.