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I just played the demo for Splinter Cell...

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  • I just played the demo for Splinter Cell...

    I played the Xbox demo of Splinter Cell.

    All of the hype I've heard about the game is absolutely true.

    The demo is only one level, but it was incredible. The graphics, the sound, the lighting effects, the atmosphere, the spy gadgets, the camera system and controls, the weapons, the AI, everything.

    This game is far and away superior to Metal Gear Solid 2, and the Official Xbox Magazine rates it as 0.1 higher than Halo out of 10 (9.6/10).

    It's also due out for the PC sometime next year. PS2 and Gamecube versions are iffy right now, they said they'd be coming out next year a while ago but now they're up in the air because MS is trying to get a full exclusive on the game now -- and Ubi Soft says it'll be really difficult to try to get the game to run on GCN or PS2.
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    It definitely looks damn cool. I'll have to look into getting it for PC next year.


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      I can not wait for it to come out on the GC.
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