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Stratego - online multiplay

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  • Stratego - online multiplay

    Hi all, dis any of you used to enjoy playing Stratego? Ive discovered a great online multiplayer site. If you know the game and want a challenge come take a look[/URL]

    Barley (King of CTP2)[URL]

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    I actually have the retail version of PC Stratego- plus the board games: regular Stratego, and Ultimate Stratego.

    I remember playing this as a teen/kid and had lots of fun with it. The expanded rules make for a more flavorful game.

    Don't know if I could stand playing it now, though; especially with games like Medieval:Total War and Stronghold:Crusaders :P


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      How much does it cost to register? I had a hard time moving around their site. It isn't very clean or readable.
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