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Killling Nazis through online gaming....

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  • Killling Nazis through online gaming....

    I was just playing this guy on He had a account name of "fawkyoujew". So when I played him, I told him I was Jewish.

    He said "too bad". I then proceeded to crush him. I then sent messages to him later:
    "You Suck Nazi"

    "You played absolutely Horrible"

    "Jews Own at Warcraft"

    I wonder why people would make such anti-semitic account names- but in any case it makes beating them fun.
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    "I imagine the neighbors on your right are estatic." - Slowwhand

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    The same reason people here call themselves "Albert Speer" or use a Nazi officer as their avatar, I suppose.

    Too bad you weren't playing Alpha Centauri, or I could have loaned you my Zionist custom faction. See how he likes having his ass handed to him on a plate by the Zionist Defence Forces.

    And I happen to know that Jews do own at WarCraft.
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